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#EUR/USD# The price is approaching a strong resistance area, a little wait before going SHORT.


#NAS100USD# NASDAQ moving HH,HL waiting for a third touch - Trendline also waiting for a break and retest for long

Gold (XAU/USD)

#XAU/USD# The gold price formed a triangle.

NAS100USD Week 2020 Nov 23



#EUR/JPY# Please check my trading plan, maybe it can be your trade reference, happy trading. Hi risk BeartraderFX

Nasdaq 100

#NAS100# if nas break trendline we going for a strong sell, it Was rejected at resistance and could break through support.

Beginner Analysis

#AUD/JPY# 3:1 Reward to Risk. Practice Analysis

SP500 Update

#SPX500USD# I am a permabear, but I am long now. I was unnerved by the sell-off before the market closed today. I might have missed the opportunity to short. However, if I look closely enough, I see the bounce next week. The bounce I am long for. I will hope this is not a wishful thinking but an obj

European Markets Close Higher On Vaccine Hopes

European stocks ended higher on Friday as rising hopes around vaccines offset concerns over rising Covid-19 cases and uncertainty about a fiscal stimulus in the U.S. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated that COVID-19 vaccines could be approved before the end of the year. Data fr

Bearish movement ahead for NZDUSD , perfect spot to sell.

#NZD/USD# Bearish movement ahead for NZDUSD , perfect spot to sell. Trading is Fun!

EUR/USD Short after rejection at resistance

#EUR/USD# EUR/USD falling from the resistance line which there were 3 rejections prior to this one. 2 Tp points at 1.185 and 1.1826 FX:EURUSD Please give a thumbs up if you agree with the idea and if there is any questions, feel free to comment down below. Newly created Telegram Group

DAILY NOTION - FXEMPIRE - EUR/USD Forecast - Nov 20, 2020

EUR/USD is trying to settle above the nearest resistance level at 1.1880. EUR/USD is once again testing the resistance at 1.1880 while the U.S. dollar is moving lower against a broad basket of currencies. The U.S. Dollar Index gained downside momentum and is trying to get to the test of the nea

EUR/USD: Tangguh Terhadap Gerakan Anti Risiko Menteri Keuangan AS

EUR/USD diperdagangkan di dekat 1,1885 versus 1,1870 di awal Asia. Pengurangan risiko ringan pada penarikan kembali dana Fed oleh Mnuchin gagal meningkatkan Dolar. Kelangkaan dana dapat memaksa Fed untuk menerapkan pelonggaran yang lebih agresif. EUR/USD berkonsolidasi pada kenaikan

BREAKING - American Rapper Lil Yachty Plans to Launch Ethereum Token

Photo: FM Lil Yachty, Grammy-nominated American Rapper announced on Twitter that he has partnered with a Switzerland-based token platform, Fyooz to launch his own cryptocurrency. Yachty became the latest artist to enter the world of social tokens. The rapper did not disclose the date of the launch
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