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[DAILY NOTION] FXEMPIRE - USD/JPY Forecast - Oct 22, 2020

Chart: FXEMPIREIf the downside momentum continues then 104.002 will become the primary downside target. This is the last support before the major bottom at 101.185.The Dollar/Yen was under pressure on Wednesday, hitting a seven-week low as investors dumped the greenback on speculation that U.S. poli
Half month profit. Im so happy
20 Oct

AUD/USD Melayang Di Dekat Terendah Tiga Minggu Setelah Risalah Rapat RBA

AUD/USD terus diperdagangkan di zona merah karena risalah rapat RBA terdengar dovish. Anggota RBA membahas pelonggaran tambahan untuk mendukung pekerjaan. Perbedaan imbal hasil AU-AS berubah negatif, USD-positif. AUD/USD tetap dalam tawaran jual di posisi terendah tiga minggu, de
GBP/JPY Price Analysis: Extends break of three-week-old support line below key SMAs
LOL. I need this feeling every day!
The market is rallying today based on what Trump tweeted last night, that he was open to a stimulus package if his criterias were met. Which is unlikely. This is causing volatility but nothing is gett...
Warren Buffett is a market timer. He will hold billions in cash until he finds stocks with a great risk/reward ratio in price versus fundamentals. He wants to hold a stock forever but will sell it whe...
09 Oct

EUR/USD - Uptrend

#EUR/USD# Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions, the entry will be taken only if all rules of the strategies will be satisfied.

08 London Session, Possible Trades.

#GBP/JPY# 08 London Session, Possible Trades.
08 Oct
Put your goal as being in the market and being able to trade, rather than making money #TradeNotes#

More positive news, yes please!

In a more positive turn of events regarding US lawmakers could be reaching an agreement on fiscal stimulus, American equities and treasury yields moved up higher while the dollar moved downwards. Hopefully, this positive move will also be reflected in the Asian stocks.

White House Adviser Stephen Miller Tests Positive For COVID-19

FILE PHOTO: White House senior adviser Stephen Miller  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - White House senior adviser Stephen Miller said he had tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, the latest case of coronavirus reported among Donald Trump's inner circle since the Republican president announced he had th

XAU/USD under pressure..

It was seen to pullback from $1,921 (a fresh weekly high). This is a result of the strengthening of the USD due to risk aversion sentiment in the market. XAU/USD has consolidated the biggest losses in 2 weeks under $1,900 and is currently staying pressured at the $1,877 levels.
07 Oct
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