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#XAUUSD #EURJPY Morning guys 🌞🌞 as I predicted yesterday, Gold would go up after down quite hard due to shoulder-head-shoulder pattern. Yesterday’s resistances were 1747 and 1754. Zone of 1754-1757 is the neckline of the pattern, so price will definitely go back to this zone and retest it again. However, before it can reach this zone, I think its move will go as how I drew in my chart ( the green arrow). We can buy around support 1737.7 with TP 1741, 1747 SL 1734.5. Today is a little bit confusing, tomorrow maybe we will get the trend of Gold clearly. About EUR/JPY: This pair seems like it wants to break out the major resistance 145.57 after retesting this line 5 times. We will only have 1 scenario for EUR/JPY today: breaking out 145.57, go up till it faces 146, pull back a little bit, then continue going up. Let’s buy around 145.57 TP 145.77, 146 SL 145.43. Sell around 146 TP 145.78 SL 146.16. Markets started having some first fluctuations after a quite long calm. So please DON’T BE FOMO, be careful guys. ❤️❤️🌹🌹 Good luck and have a great trading day ahead. Jolie Do: Forex Trading Specialist/ Relationship Manager at ForexCEC - DNBC Global Markets. ForexCEC - DNBCグローバルマーケットの外国為替取引スペシャリスト/顧客関係マネージャー Message me to discuss more. ❤️ #forex #trading #外国為替取引 #金融投資 #フォレックス #forexcec #dnbcglobalmarkets #视频打卡 #悬赏问答 #错过的交易真谛 #晒单专区 #记录你的交易

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mưa buồn, trade cũng buồn 😂
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