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Mr. Trung .Salemanager KVB: Thankk you
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fxgoldanalyst: *Why Gold prices jumped up?* After FOMC has increased the rates by 0.75% basis points. Gold prices jumped from $1715 to $1741 yesterday. *Reason:* Gold prices jumped because US Dollar prices went down from 107$ to 106$. The news of 0.75% interest rate hike was already out in the market before. That's why there is no Negative reaction on Gold. When *"Actual Data comes greater than expected, then it is good for currency"*. But yesterday, Actual was 0.75% and Expected was also 0.75%. It makes USD weak, as this news was already Discounted from last 1 month. Created a serious damage to currency pairs as well. *EURUSD:* went up by 120 Pips on FOMC *GBPUSD:* went up by 155 Pips on FOMC
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Tarique Ali: hi
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