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I'm new here and need to learn a lot about trading

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careful with ur money
dont overtrade and do make ur own analysis
Good luck. Follow my acount trade, we learn together, its free
Welcome to Followme...Hope you find the platform to learn trading.
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Hi, you should check out the latest article from FOLLOWME Selected - as well as their previous ones will be of great help
HI , how are you doing trading? do you need any resources for helping in trading ?
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i believe you've done a great choice coming here! Read more sharing like traders notes. You will gain more
Hey, a big welcome to you and all the very best in your new adventure. There are some great write ups in FollowMe Selected - so you should check it out if you can. Great place to start learning!
Subs my free trade account, and we learning together.
Welcome to the community!
Hey...welcome...lots of good traders here you can follow to learn