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I am Jonathan, from South Africa, I have a story to tell about my trading journey. I started to trade in 2017 by buying signals from someone so that was my first mistake. Because I did not understand what the market was doing.

I started by trading on the live account which was wrong. I have lost almost $2000. I was buying on the wrong side of the market and selling on the wrong side , and I was trading without having a plan. 

After 2 years I realized that what I am doing is wrong, so I started to look for a trading mentor, then I found a mentor to teach me how to trade properly.

where I have learned to understand what the market is doing and to know that the market needs patience. 

What I have learnt is that when you start trading you must start by getting correct information and start by trading on demo not on live account to test your strategy because if you start by trading on live account trading will cost you.  

Since then I started to understand how the market is moving to understand the direction of the market and also the support and resistance and I again have patience and discipline. I can wait for a market to reach the point where I want to enter  the market.

My advice to new traders is to find a good strategy, have a good mindset and have a trading plan. what is important is always use risk management so that you can become a successful trader

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Beginners must start with a demo account.
I want to become a profitable trader
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