GBP/USD still up? Averaging as a way to profit

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The sentiment and future FED meeting speak for an increase in the pound. I am starting to buy my place on this pair. For now, however, it is falling. My target level to add is 1.38350. Be patient and we wait.

GBP/USD still up? Averaging as a way to profit

The pound is a strong currency. Usually as it falls against the USD, the rest of the market and pairs related to the pound behave similarly. The pound is also correlated with EUR / USD. I assume that tomorrow EUR / USD will make its last losses, and the pound will follow the blow and do the same.

GBP/USD still up? Averaging as a way to profit

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Is it a good position to long near 1.3835 ?
@Hawthorne:Yes :), but with small position
@TattooTrader:thank you, man
Do you think that the GBP general trend will still rise, but there will be a pullback in the near future?
@Irma:in the long term, I am looking to increase