You may have made the same mistake as me

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I made $1000 for my first trading

Today I want to tell you the tragic story of my trading journey. I started trading on a demo account and I found a mentor in Sydney Australia as I was a student there and he teaches me the RSI method to trade. I was very excited at first and put 50 dollars of my real money into a trading account and started analyzing charts on 1-minute time frame using high leverage. I thought I could have handled that leverage easily. in the first week I made my account equity to $1000

You may have made the same mistake as me

Beginning of profits

I was enjoying my profits because we made this amount of money fortnightly doing the cleaning of offices and I was making up to 1000 dollars per week. It was a matter of months when my friends started to ask me about this new thing I was doing. My mentor was also very happy and proud to have a student like me. He often called me and said you are the best student of mine. I was starting to withdraw huge profits from forex every day.

You may have made the same mistake as me

Starting of business

One day I was working in the office when my manager called me into his room and he asked me to leave my job and start doing this full-time. He gave me one day of thinking and said that I would be investing in you if you start this business. After considering the profits I was making I agreed to him and started working with him and quit my job. I got other clients from fb and social media I had about 12 high-paying clients with me at that time. I was just managing their money and doing good profits.

You may have made the same mistake as me

Decline started

I was very happy with the recent profit I made it was somewhat sooper and I could not thank God enough for this thing. After that, I took so many wrong trades that my whole profits became zero. I started trading when it was not needed going against the market and emotional trading blew my accounts. It was simply not working but I was confident I could handle the situation so I kept going. I lost all my profits because of these things. 

Lesson learned

I learned so much from my wrong trading experience. The things I learned were:

  • Don't go against the market
  • Don't be overjoyed when u have profits 

Guys, this is my story, do you guys have a similar story?

Do let me know in the comments. #OPINIONLEADER##tradingstory#



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It's sort of like gambling indeed. Don't get overjoy! Trading psychology is an important lesson to be learned. :)Good luck mate!
You have the courage and honesty to share your story. You are not alone. The best thing is to learn from this chapter in your life and move forward. I have no doubt you will eventually be successful!
@Mr Robot Thank u for this motivation @Mr Robot
I want to follow you
@Tess You do want to earn also dear.?
Thank you,this is helpful.
Yes, I have a similar story with you, for a long time I couldn’t believe I failed.
Hey, I also have a sad story, I lost almost all my money, I felt like my life was full of despair, but I have gone through those difficult days. Thanks for sharing.