First Week of August - Weekly Report

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2020/08/03-2020/08/07 Total Trading Orders


Compared with 90,927 orders last week, increased 8400 orders, and the increase rate is 9.23%

The forex market is unpredictable and changes so fast. There are always new faces on FOLLOWME trading data ranking lists. For the 1st week of August, the total profit of the top 10 traders with the highest profit has reached 335K dollars. @趋势交易法则 becomes Top 1 with a weekly profit of $58,992.95 for the first time; digital currency trader, @danney5215 rose to second place from sixth last week, and all the other eight places have been changed. Here are the details of the ranking. 

First Week of August - Weekly Report

First Week of August - Weekly Report

First Week of August - Weekly Report

@ProEA continues to sit on the Top 1 in the ranking of Top 10 Signals with 225 accounts following. He prefers day trading,  short-term trading, and EA trading. Trades XAU/USD only, the trading lots per order are always 0.01 lots. Although the capital scale is not large, his risk control ability and profitability are at the first-class level, and the win ratio is 81.94%. 

@黄金EA量化 2nd place in the ranking of Top 10 Signals this week with 9 accounts following. He prefers EA trading, and trades on different symbols together. The trading lots per order are between 0.1 and 1 lot, and the ROI reaches up to 5970.53%. 

@眼镜王蛇 3rd place in the ranking of Top 10 Signals this week with 67 accounts following. Popular in FOLLOWME community, he prefers scalping and is good at trading XAU/USD. The trading lots per order are between 0.1 and 1 lot, and the win ratio is 90.10%.

Congratulations @id2rich @9149823 @Marco Chu @446719 @tuxuanngo1990 @ProEA for good profit you have earned! For traders or followers who are not in the ranking lists, please review your signals and focus on Forex market, hope you can be in the Top 10 ranking one day! 

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Well done, champions!!!😊 Your results reflect your hard work, persistence and remains a motivation for us...


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