Expand Your Trading Network with FOLLOWME

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Expand Your Trading Network with FOLLOWME

FOLLOWME is a social trading platform that supports more than 2,000 brokers. Since 2015, we have attracted more than 30,000 active professional traders and over 400,000 registered users on our unique social trading platform.

This novel approach of providing an open communication platform for all you users out there – whether you are a professional or even just a beginner in trading. As a result, we offer you an easier and more diverse trading options updated on a real-time basis. Want to find out more about FOLLOWME? Read this and you will know more about us.

Here are the top four features of FOLLOWME you should take advantage of. 


FOLLOWSTAR is a recommendation system designed to invite your friends to join and get commissions as income. FOLLOWSTAR is divided into 5 levels, represented by one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star and five-star. One-star is the lowest level, five-star is the highest level. Here is a complete guide for you to learn all about this awesome campaign. 



The following relationship between follower and trader is established by COPYTRADE synchronization and precise follow-up trading system. There are two connection methods: MANAGER API and CLIENT API. After the trader places an order, the system will automatically synchronize and accurately follow the trade according to the follower's follow strategy and risk control settings.



FOLLOWGUARD follows the risk control system and is equipped with a complete automated risk control strategy. The front-end supports users from self-closing positions, following directions, symbols, the number of positions, following trading hours, etc. to customize the follow mode and protection mode, and the back end automatic processing of abnormal transaction conditions, all-round real-time monitoring around the clock, to ensure account security.



To further learn and analyse the trading account, you may subscribe to FOLLOWQUANT, which is our big data analysis platform that can provide real-time quantitative analysis based on your trading and social characteristics.

This enables you to earn commissions whenever your friends open a real trading account and start trading. Rest assured that we will have more Brokers on board on this exciting journey.

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Hurray to FOLLOWME!
This is so cool !
I really appreciate the sense of community within Follow Me - it is always good to be surrounded by fellow traders and excellent technical support - thank you very much!🙂
Totally agree @Veron83. I don't feel very alone in my trading journey thanks to the sense of camaraderie in our Follow Me Community🙂