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Do I hear a $2,000, a $ 2,000 for the gold? Going once, going twice...sold?

The big money question is -will Gold finally hit the $2,000 mark this week? On Friday, it closed above the critical barrier of $1, 911 – a confluence of 21 day moving average (DMA) and falling trendline resistance – causing a falling wedge breakdown. The falling wedge is a bullish pattern that start
Let's make it an awesome day filled with profitable trading before the weekend 'fully loads'! 😄


Volatility has been observed in oil prices as it moves in tandem to changes in trader’s risk appetite due to events such as US stimulus negotiations, US election woes and Hurricane Delta in Mexico. It has certainly been an eventful time!Crude oil price action was seen to catch a bid off the $37 hand

Trump Speaks (Via Twitter, at least)

Trump has ‘instructed White House negotiators to forget about a second bailout’ before the election, a report via Bloomberg says. He also stated that ‘House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is not negotiating in good faith,”This followed a statement by Jerome Powell, Fed Reserve Chairman that “without funding,


Keep watch for ECB President’s address today (Tuesday) at 1pm, GMT. There are opinions that the president might prepare the market for a boost to the ECB’s bond buying programme later this month. A dovish sentiment from the president could pull back the EUR/USD pair to the September lows of $1.1610…

Updates out of US..

Key highlights out of US:1) FOMC minutes from the September 15 meeting are due this week. 2) FOMC Chairman, Jeremy Powell – due to speak to National Association for Business Economics are due out on Tuesday.3) US President Donald T
I always try to remind myself of this tip. How about you? Any sharing on how not to let emotions get the better of you while trading? Appreciate all the advice from experienced traders here...🙂

The turning of the tide in the land of Australia?

Australia’s Bureau of Statistics released the job vacancies statistics (June, July and August) which showed a positive rebound, but not to the levels needed. Key data are as below:Total job vacancies in August 2020 were 206,000, an increase of 59.4% from May 2020.In the private sector vacancies were

China's data

The China Caixin/Markit Manufacturing has come in at 53.0, meeting expectation. Prior result was 53.1. China’s NBS Manufacturing PMI came in at 51.5 for September vs 51 in August. Expectation was 51.2. China’s NBS Non-Manufacturing PMI came in at 55.9 for September vs 55.2 in August. Expectation was

First US Presidential Debate..bring it on!

Anyone else excited for the first US presidential debate today? I am! So how are some of our favorite players doing pre debate? Gold was seen consolidating in the 1880 range with limited upside. USD is held back by uncertainties about the US fiscal stimulus and the outcome of the US election. Global
Hi everyone, just realized that this Friday is the first Friday of the month...isn't that when the NFP is released? Wow, time certainly flies!😱

Light, breaking thru' the gloom..

Dear Trader Friends, Someone once told me that London is a city, unlike any other. When I visited London, I understood the appeal of its architecture, bustling streets and energy of it. But I visited it during winter, so I didn't appreciate the rain and snow that came out of nowhere, and how the sun
Almost there:)

RBNZ Speaks.

RBNZ has decided to maintain OCR at 0.25% as well as the Large Scale Asset Purchase program (LSAP) at NZD 100 billion. The Kiwi shot up almost 50 pips to session high following the RBNZ announcement. The market had generally expected dovish sentiments, but the RBNZ announcement came out otherwise. &


Bank of America (BoFA) has expressed confidence in safe haven currencies given the ‘weak recovery of the global economy as well as delays on a vaccine’. They are positive on JPY, USD and CHF against the EUR, GBP, CAD. Given the prevailing risk on mood, this could potentially increase traders’ confid

Pull-up Update