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I love Forex trading and I look at her as my true wife, no one can stand before me.
little by little, keep going strong 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊#TradeNotes# #FollowmeNotice#Trader# #tradingbook#
little by little, keep going strong 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊#TradeNotes# #FollowmeNotice#Trader# #tradingbook#


第三季度强劲增长尽管随着COVID大流行的加剧,世界上大多数发达经济体继续看到负增长数据,但中国却逆势而上。 鉴于该病毒起源于中国,您以为它一定遭受了经济损失首当其冲,这是可以原谅的。 不过,本周发布的最新增长数据显示,第三季度,全球第二大经济体以GDP增长4.9%反弹,延续了第二季度3.2%的增幅。数据得到广泛改善第三季度的回升反映出活动的强劲增加,并从大流行期间第二季度的-6.8%增长中强劲复苏。此期间的活动下降标志着中国自1992年开始记录数据以来首次出现负增长。GDP读数与我们最近从中国看到的其他一些积极数据发布相呼应,9月出口增长了9.9%,进口同比增长13.2%。尽管经济仍远低于大
It’s not just a matter of technical analysis, everyone can throw at you bunch of technical analysis but when you see their results they are shit. It’s a matter of understanding why the market is mov...

EUR/USD Daily Forecast – Resistance At 1.1830 In Sight

Euro Continues Its Upside MoveEUR/USD managed to get above the major resistance level at 1.1750 and continued its upside move as the U.S. Dollar Index declined below 93.50.The U.S. Dollar Index, which measures the strength of the U.S. Dollar against a broad basket of currencies, is moving lower
#TradeNotes# #Trader# #trading# what you guys think?

Russia Manufacturing Shrinks On Weaker Demand

Russia's manufacturing sector contracted in September after modest growth in the previous month, mainly due to weaker demand and cost pressures, survey data from IHS Markit showed on Wednesday. The headline seasonally adjusted IHS Markit Russia Manufacturing purchasing managers' index dropped to 4
Always trade along with the trend:Everyday is a good day to make good pips from the market once you know how to spot a trend. remember is all about good money management and trend trading, because no...

Gold Forecast – Cycles Support a September Breakdown

Metals and miners continue to consolidate ahead of Friday’s employment report. Our cycle work supports a breakdown in gold below $1900 and a subsequent buying opportunity.In my 2019 Metal Recap, I noted how record low gold eagle coin sales likely signaled a shift from record low demand to


2020年9月8日每日市场展望尽管美国总统特朗普誓言减少与中国的经济联系,但亚洲股市隔夜普遍乐观,中国内地和香港股市弥补了稍早的跌势。期货市场指向欧洲股市的积极开放。在英国,英国零售联合会(British Retail Consortium)报告称8月份零售额同比增长4.7%,高于预期的增幅,高于7月份的4.3%。英格兰银行首席经济学家霍尔丹警告不要延长政府的休假计划,称这将阻止“必要的调整程序”。他还辩称,复苏没有得到足够的重视,消费者和企业具有适应能力和弹性。今天将看到本周在伦敦举行的另一轮正式的英欧贸易谈判的开始。双方的情绪音乐并不完全正面,公平的运动场所规定和渔业是重点。约翰逊总理表示
Anyone guess EURUSD direction? #EUR/USD#
  • Ralephjay:
    it's going to push till 1.18080 then it might drop again because on the AO indicator it's over buy on 4Hr chart

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