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Woohoo, close order before oil price downtrend.

Guys, I will keep an eye on the oil price movement. Let me know if u have any insight!

[DAILY NOTION] FXEMPIRE - USD/JPY Forecast - Oct 26, 2020

The Dollar/Yen closed sharply lower last week as real interest rates fell in the United States relative to Japanese Government debt, making the yen a more desirable asset.U.S. coronavirus aid headlines also drove the price action with most traders pricing in stimulus. Whether is comes before or afte

[DAILY NOTION] FXEMPIRE - S&P 500 Forecast - Oct 22, 2020

Chart: FXEMPIREThe S&P 500 initially pulled back during the trading session on Wednesday, but then turned around to rally towards the 3450 handle. This is a market that continues to be paid attention to stimulus, and you can make an argument for the possibility of a bullish flag at thi

[BREAKING] Dollar Buoyed by U.S. Stimulus Talks

Illustration photo of U.S. dollar from Daily FX TOKYO (Reuters) - The U.S. dollar steadied against most major currencies on Thursday as U.S. stimulus talks remained the focus for markets with trading buffeted over recent days by the extent of progress made on the potential size of the aid package. T
Just make it bigger #US30#trading#
17 Oct
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“The greatest investment a young person can make is in their own education, in their own mind. Because money comes and goes. Relationships come and go. But what you learn once stays with you forever....
09 Oct

Kontrak Berjangka S&P 500 Terhibur Oleh Harapan Stimulus dan Optimisme Trump

Kontrak berjangka S&P 500 naik untuk hari ketiga sementara menembus 3.450.Gedung Putih kembali melakukan negosiasi stimulus, lebih memilih paket bantuan berskala besar akihir-akhir ini.Tiongkok bergabung dengan program vaksin COVID-19 global WHO setelah kembali dari liburan selama satu minggu.Ma
08 Oct
Mentions of layoffs by federal reserve at highest frequency ever ... not good timing, with major companies announcing job cuts in past couple weeks & PPP loans expiring. #Fed# ...
06 Oct

Australian Dollar Spikes Up As RBA Holds Rate, QE Steady

The Australian dollar drifted higher against its major trading partners in the Asian session on Tuesday, after the Reserve Bank of Australia kept its cash rate and quantitative easing program unchanged and signaled the likelihood of more monetary easing to boost the economy. The board of Reserve Ban
06 Oct
AUD/USD Tembus 0,7200 Bahkan Ketika RBA Mempertahankan Status-Quo #AUD/USD# #TradeNotes# #ShareAndWin# #FX# #trading#
05 Oct

Coming up on Tuesday - Fed Chair Powell speaking

Federal Reserve System Chair Powell speaks to the National Association for Business  Economics. At 1440 GMT on Tuesday 6 October 2020  To speak from a prepared text, I haven't sighted the topic but given the venue it should be pertinent. There will be a Q&A to follow
04 Oct
Apartment rents plunging in some of biggest, most expensive cities ... San Francisco & San Jose saw largest drops; conversely, inland California counties of San Bernardino & Riverside saw largest jump...

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