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NZDJPY - Analysis

#NZD/JPY# Throughout August and early November this pair was stuck within a range, until the bullish rally to the upside breaking 71.5. Since this break to the upside price hasn't moved much and is stuck in a corrective pattern. That pattern to me looks like a triangle pattern where we


#GBP/USD# Price will have a short term sell down to support then buy all the way back up to top support

EURNZD Top-Down Analysis

#EUR/NZD# Hello Traders, Here is the Top-Down Analysis of EURNZD (Monthly, Weekly, Daily for direction and 4H for entry) for Week 48 - Nov 23 M > Market is moving in a rising wedge with few major breakouts. Price faced rejection at monthly resistance and has dropped till monthly sup


#EUR/AUD# Hello traders, Roi here! our analysis for EURAUD still in downward momentum , if the market will break the support level it will continue to the downside

EURUSD analysis based on ToW proprietary indicators

#EUR/USD# Analysis by indicator window (counting windows from top): #0 (main/price window): the red line crossed 0, overall trending down => bearish #1: the 2 areas crossed 0, red line under 0 => bearish #2: unclear. #3: lines crossed 0 or are below 0 => bearish #4: the lime l

Possible Head & Shoulders Pattern | XAUUSD Short

#XAU/USD# OANDA:XAUUSD Head and Shoulders pattern in the making? The right shoulder will be formed at 61.8% Fib level. Possible 1:6 RRR . If shorted at that shoulder. Hope for the best. What do you think?


#EUR/USD# EURUSD touched the resistance 3 times and we expect it to go down to support at 1.18200! Trade with care during high risk events. Good Luck. Before to trade my ideas make your own analysis.

Sell GBPCHF Down to rising TL

#GBP/CHF# Hi, guys. I'll be looking for an entry on GBPCHF in the highlighted zone from lower timeframes. Happy Trading! :D

Buy scencerio

#SPX500USD# Those red Ray line are my TP zones once TP1 gets hit, move your SL to entry cos I do the same...

DAILY NOTION: Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Bitcoin, Ripple & Bitcoin Cash

There is only 0.5 Bitcoin for every millionaire in the world, but these billionaires are buying them all. The last halving has undoubtedly caused a significant supply shock to the Bitcoin in circulation, leading to increased scarcity. It appears the race to own BTC is growing as more wealthy in

BREAKING: Analysis: Despite Vaccine Progress, Investors Eye Federal Reserve's Support as Coronavirus Surges

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investors are weighing the chances the Federal Reserve will increase its purchases of U.S. government debt in coming weeks to counteract the economic fallout of a COVID-19 resurgence, an intervention that could reverse a recent rise in Treasury yields to multi-month highs.News t

Central Bank Digital Currencies More Popular than Ever

Photo: Rachel McIntosh 2020 will go down in history as The Year™ of many things: COVID, of course; the year of one of the most divisive U.S. presidential elections in history. (And, perhaps for some crypto hopefuls, the year that Bitcoin regained $20,000.) However, 2020 will also likely go down in

Pull-up Update