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The youngest female trader on the New York Stock Exchange.

Best Licensed Forex Brokers in Indonesia

Photo: Google Image FX traders in Indonesia will be happy to learn that the country is home to some of the best forex brokers around. The sector is regulated by the OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan), otherwise known as the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia, which means you can expect trustworthy

Best Licensed Forex Brokers in Australia

Photo: Google Image Finding the best forex brokers in Australia can seem like a difficult task, especially for beginner traders. So here are the best forex brokers who offer the most important things Australian forex brokers must offer to ensure you receive a superior trading experience. This includ

Best Forex Brokers in China

Photo: Google Image Are you wondering which are the best forex brokers in China? Good news, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, forex experts have provided you with a list of the best places to trade, as well as a complete guide to FX trading within the country. Although China does not iss

Best Forex Brokers in Vietnam

Photo: Google Image Finding the best forex brokers in Vietnam is slightly more challenging than in other Asian countries. This is because, unfortunately, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) banned floor foreign exchange trading in 2014. Luckily, however, there’s still a wealth of great forex opportuniti

Best Licensed Forex Brokers in Thailand

Photo: Google Image To be a profitable Thai forex trader, you’ll first need to locate the best forex brokers in Thailand. Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest task. Whilst there are a number of quality forex brokers you can use, there also are plenty of untrustworthy sites around too. Luckily for y

FCA notified four "clone companies" that counterfeit FCA authorized companies

Photo: Wikifx The British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) pointed out: “In the UK, almost all companies and individuals engaged in financial services activities must be authorized or registered by us.” Recently, the regulator pointed out that it is named Ricketts Financial Services Ltd, Commercial

Licensed Forex Brokers in Malaysia (UPDATED)

Forex trading is common in Malaysia. However, the local authority, the Securities Commission (SC) is very strict against any unlawful activity that may harm the local residents in the industry. This makes it somewhat difficult for the forex brokerage companies to enter the market. Nonetheless, there


Photo: Google Image GIB is a scam broker in Indonesia. Website: https://www.giberjangka.co.id/ Scam alert: Warning: Low score, please stay away! Details: Company Name: Global Intra Berjangka Company Abbreviation: GIB Country/Area of Registry: Indonesia Regulatory Status: Suspicious Clone Customer Se

How to Trade Like the Rich

Photo: CedarFX Since the advent of online trading, becoming a successful trader has become a goal that many individuals strive towards, and a common resolution as the new year rolls around. Yet, the reality is that there are stark differences between new traders and rich traders. Many people want to

Why central banks are not worried about forex algorithms?

Disclosure failings feed into FX code; other issues are worrying, but distant, says SNB’s Maechler.Photo: fxmarkets A positive change, with hidden dangers. That’s the shortest version of the 55-page study published by almost two dozen central banks in November, after months of research into the grow

Forex Brokers With Interest of Margin: Receivable – How To Earn Interest On Capital?

Photo: Freepik Some brokers offer traders the convenience of earning interest on unused capital in their trading accounts. Although retail traders mostly trade the markets using a small amount of trading capital, several professional, as well as institutional traders, are known to hold a significant

3 Types of Forex Analysis You Should be Aware of When You Join A Brokerage.

Photo: Wikifx This article will introduce three general types of forex analysis. There is no answer as to which analysis is better. Traders need to know all three when they join a brokerage and find the one that works best for them. Technical analysis: the framework in which traders study price move
Is it really worth it to become a trader? #forextraders##BeginnerTrader#

SCAM BROKER - Huiyuan Capital Pty Ltd

Photo: Wikifx Huiyuan is a scam broker in China. Website: http://www.gocdly.com/en/http://www.gocdly.com/e Scam alert: Warning: Low score, please stay away! This broker has too many complaints and so it has been blacklisted. Please be aware of the risk! Within one yearSuspicious Regulatory License.

Pull-up Update

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