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Followme is a innovation social community platform for financial and investment. There are brokers and investors to trade online, share experience as well. Investors can choose the star traders to follow and invest them, and in return, the traders will operate the online trade and maximize revenue not only for themselves, but also for those investors. In there, users can manipulate different accounts to barrier-free transaction.
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FOLLOWME Community Trading Overview - December 2020

Total Trading Orders: 1,653,609 December was a bittersweet month for many of us as we welcome the new year with a heavy heart. As COVID-19 is still paving its way in multiple regions, many countries are struggling to keep their economies afloat. On the other hand, the U.S. went through another chaot


Your Voice Matters Write or create anything that is relevant to your trading insights, experience or even analysis (can be an article, a short note or even a video) to stand a chance and win up to 500 FCOIN (worth $50)! These are the types of content eligible for this program: Trading notesBrokers’

FOLLOWInterview| @Alisya - Never Chase the Market

Trading and investing industry has always been dominated by male. In fact, according to FOLLOWME’s latest community report (Q3 2020), 74.7% of the traders are male. Hence, it is refreshing to see this week’s featured female trader, @Alisya on our FOLLOWInterview series. Being a fulltime trader and a

The interview of Kosin

Kosin(Profile:https://www.followme.com/user/313918/zone) is a Followme A level trader. His account has been trading for almost one year, and he had a very impressive performance, especially his amount is not big. His capital is good for the FX beginner, so we are pleased to invite Kos

TRADER CỦA TUẦN | @nguyenminhtam

Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm một nhà giao dịch phù hợp để học hỏi hoặc chỉ đơn giản là một tín hiệu phù hợp để sao chép giao dịch, thì đây chắc chắn là không gian chính xác bạn cần theo dõi mỗi tuần bắt đầu từ hôm nay! Tóm lại, chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu MỘT nhà giao dịch xuất sắc hàng tuần dựa trên hiệu suất

FOLLOWME - Brightest Stars in 2020

It was not easy to make it through 2020 and definitely will not get easier this year given the on-going circumstances. However, not all is lost as we witnessed some of the greatest moments in human history in 2020. As for FOLLOWME, we are glad to celebrate some of the brightest stars here today that

FOLLOWME Community Trading Overview - Desember 2020 (Indonesian)

Total Pesanan Trading: 1,653,609 Desember adalah bulan yang pahit manis bagi banyak dari kita saat kita menyambut tahun baru dengan berat hati. Karena COVID-19 masih merintis jalannya di banyak wilayah, banyak negara berjuang untuk menjaga ekonomi mereka tetap bertahan. Di sisi lain, AS mengalami mo

Tổng quan về Giao dịch Cộng đồng FOLLOWME - Tháng 12 năm 2020 (Vietnamese)

Tổng số lệnh giao dịch: 1.653.609 Tháng 12 là một tháng buồn vui lẫn lộn đối với nhiều người trong chúng ta khi chúng ta đón năm mới với một trái tim nặng trĩu. Khi COVID-19 vẫn đang mở đường ở nhiều khu vực, nhiều quốc gia đang phải vật lộn để giữ cho nền kinh tế của họ phát triển. Mặt khác, Hoa Kỳ

Your Opinion is Valuable

Dear users, Thank you for using FOLLOWME. We really appreciate you choose to be a part of FOLLOWME on this trading journey. To help us improve, we'd like to ask you a few questions about your experience with our platform and features so far. It'll only take one minute to answer the questions and you

FOLLOWInterview| @MFI GROUP NgocDo - Manage Your Capitals Before Aiming for High Profit

Vietnam is FOLLOWME’s second-biggest regional distribution, in terms of users. According to the FOLLOWME Community Trading Report - Third Quarter 2020, shows that users from the country are higher than those from other neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Malaysian and even the U.S. This week we f

OPINION LEADER PROGRAM - We are looking for content contributors!

We are looking for content contributors (trading/investment analysts)! If you have experience in the analysis of the forex, stock index, Bitcoin or Gold price trading, join us as our partner - Opinion Leader and earn yourself an extra income up to $50 per content every two weeks! FOLLOWME has over 6

Payments as a Complement to Today’s Opportunities For Trading

Photo: FIS With COVID-19 and changes to the political landscape in UK and US, both the public and the markets are going through a turbulent 2020. Here at Worldpay from FIS, we’ve had to adapt quickly to respond to these market pressures to help our brokers and merchants the best we can. As the yea

Why You Should Join A Forex Trading Community

When you first begin to trade in forex, you can quickly become lost with new jargons and learning the system. You may be spending hours, if not days, doing a considerable amount of research. Although there is no real way of understanding trading unless you actually start to do it, joining a forex tr

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @nguyenminhtam

If you are looking for the right trader to learn from or simply a right signal to copy trade from, this is definitely the exact space you need to keep an eye on every week starting today! Long story short, we are going to highlight ONE superb trader every week based on their trading performance, ran

FOLLOWME Community Trading Overview - November 2020

Total Trading Orders: 1,469,723 November has been an exciting month for the traders with the global headliners such as the on-going coronavirus vaccines, Bitcoin price hit all-time high, gold price crash, and stock markets rally around the world. As we are moving into the final month of the ye

Pull-up Update

CFD markets involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You understand and agree that there are risks associated with the use of online trading services ( COPYTRADE、FOLLOWTRADE、FOLLOWGUARD ), including uncontrollable factors such as hardware breakdown, software fault, or Internet disconnections. FOLLOWME does not held any responsibility for the communication failures, miss-transmissions or delays that occur during online trading.