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Infinity Gold is an automatic trading system base on martingale on pair XAUUSD only (exclude US timing). Fast and decisive, without human emotions involved. Minimum to copy is USD1000. Profit target at least 15%/month, MaxDD less than 33%. The strategy is: 1 - Place an order when EA detects high volatility and reversal signal of the market trend. 2 - Orders will be placed if there has been a price correction. 3 - If the price correction remains against the market trend, it will do martingale to accelerate reaching the profit target. (max. 8 orders) 4 - If the existing order has not reached the profit target while the market trend has changed, then hedging will be carried out as a safety of funds. If all buy and sell orders have reached the set profit target, the EA will close all orders. 5 - If all active orders have recorded a loss of up to 40% of equity, then hard stop loss will be activated, all orders will be closed completely for safety of funds. Or manual intervention to bring down or close profit positions then close out the remaining ones. 6 - Then EA will look for new opportunities and new orders. Hope to build a healthy and wealthy community here together! Follow to see for yourself. Thank you guys! 😊 #XAU/USD# #forextrading# #forexmarket# #Signal# #FOLLOWMEGuideBook# #mytradingstory# #COPYTRADE#

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