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It’s time to show your strength

During 2 weeks this market is very volatile and many people lost there money in stock market, oil, gold and forex. You have to understand it is nature of this market, you have to understand when to reduce your exposure(reduce position and keep some cash). You will see that from recent month I less a


If you are looking for a suitable trader to learn from or simply a right signal to copy trade from, this is definitely the place you should keep an eye on every week starting today! Long story short, we are going to highlight ONE fantastic trader every week based on their trading performance, rankin
算命师 金融

SCAM ALERT - Watch out! PlatformsFx Robbed This Trader of $76,878.

Photo: Wikifx PlatformsFx is only 1.31 on the WikiFX APP. According to the latest risk warning, this broker currently has no valid regulatory status, please stay away from it! A few months ago, a person from the trading solution provider company “PlatformsFx” contacted the victim for forex trading.

The interview of Kosin

Kosin(Profile:https://www.followme.com/user/313918/zone) is a Followme A level trader. His account has been trading for almost one year, and he had a very impressive performance, especially his amount is not big. His capital is good for the FX beginner, so we are pleased to invite Kos


Hai teman! Jika Anda ingin meningkatkan strategi perdagangan Anda atau hanya mencari sinyal perdagangan salinan yang tepat, disinilah Anda harus memperhatikan setiap minggu, mulai hari ini! Di sini, kami menyoroti SATU pedagang fantastis setiap minggu berdasarkan kinerja dan peringkat perdagangan me

2020.08.06 晚间报告

时事总结 我们看到,昨天市场基本上符合预期,美元继续整体延续了小幅走低到了前底支撑(我们的EURUSD多和USDJPY空也基本符合剧本方向)。黄金白银也符合预期继续突破整数位大关,在通货预期(5-year breakeven rate)继续走高拉低真实收益的背景下继续了单边行情,2070-80将会是下一个重要的阻力区测试点。于此同时,我们看到股市也延续了之前的谨慎多头乐观情绪。美国爆出国会原本本周末休会的计划,会延期一周,再给下周一周的时间,这也让市场继续强化了两党可能会在最后一分钟之前达成第四阶段刺激款项协议的妥协方案。不过还是那句话,通过预期基本上priced in了,但是重要的

SCAM ALERT - An Indian Investor Got Fooled and Lost Lakhs in Forex Scam

Photo: Wikifx Recently, an Indian investor traded in the forex trading market after getting a phone call promising him huge returns. He blindly invested money and lost Rs. 11.63 lakhs to the forex scammers. According to the victim, the scammer called him and said he was from Meta Traders, a platform

FOLLOWInterview| @MFI GROUP NgocDo - Quản lý vốn của bạn trước khi nhắm đến lợi nhuận cao

Việt Nam là nhà phân phối lớn thứ hai trong khu vực của FOLLOWME, xét về người dùng. Theo Báo cáo giao dịch cộng đồng FOLLOWME - Quý 3 năm 2020, cho thấy rằng người dùng từ quốc gia này cao hơn so với người dùng từ các quốc gia láng giềng khác như Indonesia, Malaysia và thậm chí là Hoa Kỳ. Tuần này

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @nguyenminhtam

If you are looking for the right trader to learn from or simply a right signal to copy trade from, this is definitely the exact space you need to keep an eye on every week starting today! Long story short, we are going to highlight ONE superb trader every week based on their trading performance, ran

SCAM ALERT - Read How A Trader Got Fooled by BLEAXMOND.

Photo: Wikifx “No one would answer the phone, return e-mails or texts and then it dawned on me. I've been scammed.” Recently, a forex investor complained to WikiFX about the forex broker BLEAXMOND. The complainant exposed his trading experience with BLEAXMOND and hoped that other investors could be

TRADER CỦA TUẦN | @Dudu Captain

Chào các bạn! Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm để hoàn thiện các chiến lược giao dịch của mình hoặc đơn giản là tìm kiếm các tín hiệu giao dịch sao chép phù hợp, thì đây là nơi bạn nên để mắt đến hàng tuần, bắt đầu từ hôm nay! Ở đây, chúng tôi nêu bật MỘT nhà giao dịch tuyệt vời mỗi tuần dựa trên hiệu suất gia

FOLLOWInterview | @MFI GROUP NgocDo - Kelola Modal Anda Sebelum Mengincar Untung Tinggi

Vietnam adalah distribusi regional terbesar kedua FOLLOWME, dalam hal pengguna. Menurut Laporan Perdagangan Komunitas FOLLOWME - Kuartal Ketiga 2020, menunjukkan bahwa pengguna dari negara tersebut lebih tinggi daripada pengguna dari negara tetangga lain seperti Indonesia, Malaysia, dan bahkan A.S.

Factors that will Shape the Recovery of the Eurozone in 2021

Factors that will Shape the Recovery of the Eurozone in 2021 2020 has left a string of economic indicators that have broken records of the last decades. They include the falls in GDP, large public deficits, the collapse of hours worked, public debt. Now, everyone has high hopes for 2021, thanks to s

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Do you have a unique perspective in trading or the insight to predict the market sentiment based on the latest happenings? Do you have tips and tricks that make you an outstanding Signal (trader)? We’d love to reward you if you do! FOLLOWME is giving away up to $50 every two weeks for your trading i

#ChristmasDailyTreat# TOPIC - If you could change any of your past trading decisions this year, what would it be?

2020 is arguably the worst year ever for many of us as we witnessed the world economic and social-well being threatened by the pandemic. During this crisis, some managed to grab the opportunities in profiting, while many suffered a loss in their investments and trades. But one thing for sure about t

Pull-up Update

CFD markets involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You understand and agree that there are risks associated with the use of online trading services ( COPYTRADE、FOLLOWTRADE、FOLLOWGUARD ), including uncontrollable factors such as hardware breakdown, software fault, or Internet disconnections. FOLLOWME does not held any responsibility for the communication failures, miss-transmissions or delays that occur during online trading.