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#OPINIONLEADER# Here we have the 4H GBPUSD, which has formed a very tight squeeze. A breakout with the trend will be best and I will take that trade. A break of the trendline has the 50ema and the 200ema as support. 50ema this far has been respected, will not trade that. My MACD will also show if the price will break the high (trade I like), bounce off of the trendline (trade I also like) or break the trendline (not keen on this). #gbp/usd# #gbpusd# #trade# #opinion# #PoundToday#

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Judging from the weekly chart of the US dollar, it has now reached a key support level, which may rebound later, and GBP/USD will fall.
The current price has broken through the trend line, indicating that there is a lot of pressure near 1.42. You can wait for the pullback to be confirmed as resistance near the trend line before going short.