Please be advised that by using the services provided on the FOLLOWME website, that you are accepting the "FOLLOWME Terms of Service" (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms"). It is your responsibility that you read these terms carefully and completely so that you fully understand the contents of the "FOLLOWME Terms of Service" and the related laws and regulations before engaging in any services or products provided by FOLLOWME. In essence you are legally bound by the terms with regards to the following being provided by FOLLOWME; the FOLLOWME website (including sub-pages), data, platforms, and third-party signal providers ("Brokers") that you choose or enable. If you do not agree to the terms, do not use any products and services on this site.

This agreement is between Follow Me Technology Limited (“the Company”) and an individual or company registered on the website (“Partner”) who has explicitly accepted these terms and conditions.

FOLLOWME Community Trading Platform

FOLLOWME is an innovative trading community platform. When FOLLOWME receives the trader's trading signal (that is, the verification of the buy and sell signal), it confirms whether it matches the margin allocation or lot size of the follower account. If the signal is accepted, FOLLOWME using the trading system will synchronize and automatically follow the order for the follower trading account.

Investment Risk Agreement

1. Considering the huge risk of investment transactions, it is recommended that you fully understand the relevant legal regulations and consulting professional opinions before opening an account and trading, and carefully select the appropriate margin trading products based on your personal financial situation, investment experience, risk appetite, and other relevant factors that are important to you.

2. All information on the FOLLOWME website (including text, images, audio, and video) is for the purpose of disseminating beneficial information to the public. This does not mean FOLLOWME agrees with it or it constitutes investment advice, and FOLLOWME will not provide you with any investment advice.

3. The risks in the investment market are not controlled or influenced by FOLLOWME. All your transactions are undertaken by individuals.

Cooperative Broker Information Service

1. The cooperative Broker selected by FOLLOWME is a legal and formal platform that has been strictly screened, audited, and supervised by related institutions or departments. If you use transaction system errors, charges or accounting errors, misstatements, etc. that appears in the information provided by the FOLLOWME Cooperative Broker, FOLLOWME assumes no responsibility.

2. It is recommended that you check the cooperation Broker's rules and regulations regarding trading system errors, privacy, accounting errors and omissions and other related matters before conducting investment transactions.

Performance Statistics Service

1. You should understand that the percentage of gains/losses of actual investment transactions will vary with various factors, such as initial account balances, market behaviours, and follower’s account settings. As a result, the actual percentage of gains/losses you make during the investment process may differ from the percentage of Follower trader gains/losses.

2. FOLLOWME does not guarantee that the brokerage signal you use or the information disseminated on this website will allow you to make a profit without loss. The actual income/loss of your margin investment on the FOLLOWME Social Trading Platform is your responsibility and FOLLOWME does not undertake any related responsibilities.

Online transaction risk service

1. You understand and agree that there are risks associated with the use of Internet trading services, including uncontrollable factors such as hardware, software, or Internet connections, such as signal strength, Internet reception or routing, device hardware or software configuration, or the reliability of Internet connections. FOLLOWME does not have any responsibility for communication failures, miss-transmissions or delays that occur in online transactions.

2. The volatility or illiquidity of global financial product investment markets, such as precious metals, foreign exchange, etc., may impede commissioning at favourable prices or may not be implemented at all. Any loss, damage, cost, or expense (including without limitation, loss of profits, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages) resulting from the inability to execute transactions due to market conditions or your broker's fault FOLLOWME does not assume any responsibility.

3. When accessing your account using iPhone and/or Android handheld mobile devices, it highly recommended that you are careful when trading or receiving data on the FOLLOWME platform. You need to be aware that handheld mobile devices rely on wireless connections and are limited by 4G, WIFI, and GPRS connectivity. You must also have the same awareness when using the FOLLOWME platform through a web browser. FOLLOWME assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (profit loss, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, etc.) resulting from your use of a handheld mobile device or through web-browsing.

External link service

You understand and agree that links to other websites via the FOLLOWME website are provided for your information only. As the data and/or information contained on these websites are not controlled/owned by FOLLOWME, FOLLOWME does not accept any responsibility of its use by you. FOLLOWME neither supports nor condones anything found on these linked websites and therefore no inference of should be that it is endorsed/suggested by FOLLOWME.

FCOIN Top-up Instruction

In the FOLLOWME system, you can redeem FCOIN by purchasing points (1 point = 10 FCOIN). FCOIN can be used to pay subscription fees, redeem prizes and other on-site activities.(Note: Points can only be used after being exchanged into FCOIN)

Top-up method:

1. The top-up system currently supports WeChat, Alipay, and credit card payment; after the user confirms the purchase, the payment will be deducted through the corresponding payment account;

2. After top-up is successful, it can only be used to pay for services on FOLLOWME platform. No refunds, withdrawals or transfers to others are supported.

3.Due to the user's violation of community regulations, the account is banned and FCOIN cannot be refunded. Please consciously abide by the community regulations and be a civilized community user.

Problem encounted with payment:

1. If it shows that the top-up is successful (the payment is successful), but points have not been received, you can exit the App process and enter again to check whether the points have been updated (the network sometimes has a delay, please don't worry); if points have not increased within 30 minutes, please take a screenshot of your top-up bill and report it to customer service (contact information:), we will check your bill and process it as soon as possible;

2. If the system's top-up is less than the user's actual top-up amounts due to failure of the top-up system itself, FOLLOWME will make up after verification.

3. If the system's top-up amount is greater than the user's actual top-up amounts due to failure of the top-up system itself, FOLLOWME has the right to recover the difference.

4. If the top-up is unsuccessful due to system problems, your top-up amount will be returned in 3-7 working days.

5. As a user, you must keep your account and password properly. If you lose the account password or give the account to others for use, improper operation, or other circumstances that damage your rights, you shall not request are fund or any compensation from FOLLOWME.

6. If FollowMe Technology Limited confirms that your account has an error caused by FOLLOWME platform, and you send the necessary notice to FOLLOWME within 24 hours, you will receive a refund for the loss (excluding profit loss) caused by the error of FOLLOWME platform.

Dispute resolution:

If you disagree with FollowMe Technology Limited due to top-up issues, please promptly feedback and communicate with our dedicated service personnel. We will respond to this dispute and actively resolve the issue with you. If the two parties are inconsistent with the facts of the dispute and the settlement plan, you can apply to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center for arbitration.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

1. The laws and regulations where Follow Me Technology Limited company is registered shall govern any disputes arising between this agreement and the parties to this agreement, unless it is superceded by local jurisdictional laws.

2. In any civil proceedings or other proceedings in which a party to a contract seeks to realise the rights under this agreement or seek to declare any rights or obligations under this agreement, each contracting party shall bear the costs and expenses of its legal counsel. The obligation is on the contracting party to identify jurisdiction and court venue for its legal action.

3. The language of interpretation of this agreement shall be (Simplified) Chinese.

4. The company may provide this agreement or any other documents, information and messages to partners in multiple languages. This agreement stipulates that the partner should recognise and confirm that the company's working language is Chinese. If there is a contradiction and inconsistency between the non-Chinese expressions and the Chinese expressions of any documents, information and messages, both parties will use Chinese documents, information and messages to reach a consistent expression.


If you have comments or suggestions on the terms, please contact FOLLOWME customer service as directed on the FOLLOWME website.