Brand Content Policy

Branded content can only be published by using the branded content tool of the FOLLOWME personal account or FOLLOWME Brand Page. We define branded content as the content that creators/publishers publish for promoting the content published by partners or under the operation of partners. You can use the FOLLOWME brand page and personal homepage of the brand content tool. This tool can be used to mark third-party products, brands, or partners involved in the content.
FOLLOWME brand pages and personal homepages must comply with the Branded Content Policies:
1. Your video or audio must not include advertisement and must comply with the Branded Content Policies.
2. It is prohibited to include banner ads in videos or pictures.
3. It is forbidden to insert the trailer in the first 3 seconds of the video playback. The duration of interstitial advertisements (such as in-film or end screens) other than 3 seconds before the video is played shall not exceed 3 seconds.
4. Media brand pages must not include brand content in media logos or promotional videos.
5. It is forbidden to use brand content tools to mark the other party without the prior permission of the brand page, brand, or partner.
6. For the FOLLOWME brand page and personal homepage, do not post content that is not created by your own, do not publish the content that is created by others and not related to you just because you accept anything of value.
7. Your use of brand content tools is governed by additional brand content policies and you agree to abide by these policies.
8. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including ensuring that all necessary declarations are provided to FOLLOWME users, such as any necessary declarations that indicate that your post is of a commercial nature.
To learn more about brand content and visual examples related to FOLLOWME policies, please visit our Help Center. To learn about our policies regarding brand content in our advertising products, please refer to our advertising policy.