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Followme is an innovative community trading platform and the Followme community has established investment strategies which provide guidance via sharing investment strategies and investment knowledge. As a result Followme has developed a set of basic community rules that the all users must be aware of and are bound to.

The community information is just for the purpose of providing reference information for investment, so that investment users can learn from each other, share, and interact with each other. It does not constitute any investment advice, suggestions or recommendations. Investment decisions depend entirely on your own personal independent judgement. Therefore Followme does not assume any responsibility for loss of investment profits.

1. The community is a platform for purpose of encouraging exchanges between traders and followers so that followers can copy a trader whose aims and objectives are aligned to their own. Traders can also share their professional investment knowledge with followers in the community to achieve a mutual understanding of why decisions were made to achieve the investment target.

2. The information provided by the community to Followme partners, financial institutions and individuals, must not be construed as a guarantee its reliability and authenticity. Therefore, the information publisher is only responsible for the legitimacy of the content it publishes, and does not assume any responsibility for subsequent profits and losses resulting from subsequent investment decisions.

3. Any material published within the community represents the actions of the publisher only. Followme will set part of the profile of a publisher based on account performance.

Community interaction

The Followme community is mainly responsible for sharing financial investment information such as investment experience, investment strategies, research and analysis market, etc. It is hoped that the community users will proactively interact, share, and participate in discussions of relevant content.

Community management

To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Followme users, it will promote a healthy and professional community environment. This should then encourage a harmonious and excellent social atmosphere, according to the "Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Maintaining Internet Security", "Administrative Measures on Internet Information Services" , "Internet User Account Names" , "Followme regulations" and other pertinent laws and regulations.

Followme makes it clear that violations in the community will not be tolerated and has set out the following scenarios that would be considered as so:

1. Use of unprofessional and unhealthy terms (such as insults, discrimination, slander, etc.) to carry out personal attacks, geographical attacks, ethnic discrimination, etc.

2. The release of information that impinges on current laws and regulations and/or endangers the safety and legal rights of users and Followme.

3. The distribution of spam to destroy the network environment, such as repeatedly posting comments and spam advertisements unrelated to the subject, causing interference to other users and causing complaints.

4. Randomly sending unsolicited marketing information, such as sales advertisements, consulting advertisements, stock websites, etc.

5. Indiscriminately publishing obscene, pornographic, violent, superstitious, and criminal information.

6. If you infringe on the legal rights (legal rights, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, etc.) of others, and transmit virus codes, hacking programs, etc. that jeopardise the rights and interests of third-party documents and information.

7. The use of avatars, nicknames and personal profiles which involve sensitive political connotations, or contents that incite pervasive actions.

8. Use of account avatars, nicknames, briefs, and speeches that infringe the legitimate rights and interests of others (including natural persons and legal persons) such as reputation rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc.

9. Repeatedly posting the same commentary content.

10. Publishing QQ, QQ Group, WeChat Public, WeChat Group, WeChat QR Code, and marketing information such as third-party activity information, promotion information, and sales information that are not allowed by Followme.

Please be mindful that this is not an exhaustive list and that there may be other occurrences where action by Followme may be taken. Therefore may consider on a case by case basis and in such situations Followme will make it clear why it is taking the action.

Penalties to such violations may include but are not limited to:

Removal of content

Account disablement

Account cancellation

Reporting to any appropriate authorities deemed necessary

The disablement of an account is considered to be the main mechanism for a penalty. The banned users cannot comment on, forward, comment on, or modify personal information. They can only browse the web and can return to normal after the ban period. The severity of banned penalties can be divided into periods of 1 day, 7 days, 15 days, or a permanent ban.

If you have any questions or objections to the Followme community penalties, then you may email the secretary at Followme -

Content of postings etiquette

Members of the Followme community have the right to speak and represent only their personal position. Investment decision makers needs to make judgments and decisions based on your own independent thinking. In the Followme community, comments made by Followme's official account will be based on Followme's own products and technology-related issues represent Followme's official position.

Copyright statement

You are required to clearly state the origin of content if you are to use postings from any other website for any non-commercial, non-profit, non-advertising purposes. If there is a copyright infringement, the copyright owner may file a complaint with Followme and provide relevant data to prove the copyright. Followme will handle the matter appropriately after verification.