Yen weakens again [Video]

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In today’s Traders Edge Market Briefing, Tomasz found these amazing setups that we thought you’d find interesting.

Indices continue the bearish correction but in a very limited manner. It seems like buyers are in a full control of the situation.

The SP500 is very close to the resistance level on the 23.6% Fibonacci, a breakout of that resistance will be a great confirmation of a buy signal.

NASDAQ is doing pretty much the same but below the 38,2% Fibonacci.

Brent Oil slightly dropped after touching March highs. The sentiment remains positive.

The USDJPY continues the upswing after the pair escaped from the symmetric triangle pattern.

The EURUSD is trying to create a nice Head and Shoulders pattern on a crucial horizontal resistance.

The EURGBP is locked inside of a rectangle. We have to wait for the breakout.

The USDCAD continues sliding aiming for the lower line of the ascending triangle.

The GBPCAD dropped after the price broke the lower line of the flag.

The GBPAUD also dropped but after leaving a small pennant formation.

The GBPJPY is aiming for the 164 resistance after a successful escape from the symmetric triangle pattern.

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