No limit for you to GET FCOIN with a KVB Prime account

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No limit for you to GET FCOIN with a KVB Prime account 

4 series of events to get FCOIN

Participate to get it FREE



16 June,2023-16 July,2023


Connect an Account to Get Rewards FREE


During the period,users using the KVB PRIME account to connect to the community can get 30 FCOIN.


Connect to rewards 30 FCOIN>>


Surprise for Each Transaction Order


All of the KVB PRIME's MT4 real accounts [No matter if you are a new or long-time user] newly created and connected through the event can get FCOIN while trading.  The ratio of rewarding 5 FCOIN for trading 1 standard lot (settled by closing orders) will be automatically distributed to the FCOIN balance.
*The limit for the rewards is NO LIMITE!


Click to get a qualification>>


Additional surprise:
a, During the event period, if the newly created KVB PRIME account is connected to the community through the event and completes 5 transaction orders, an additional 500 FCOIN can be obtained.
b, KVB PRIME accounts created through the event can be rewarded at the rate of 5 FCOIN per transaction of 1 standard lot UNLIMITED BONUS TIME during the event period!
*Your reward will be calculated during the event period. If your transaction is made on the last day of the event, the reward will still be sent to your account after the event. 
*You can still get it after the deadline of the event.

Attention: The rewards are limited to precious metals, crude oil, and Forex.

Bonus for Signal Providers & Subscribers


>For signals providers:
KVB PRIME users who have generated at least 1 transaction order after becoming a signal provider during the event period can get 120 FCOIN as a bonus. If the signal account is newly created during the event period, the bonus will be doubled to 240 FCOIN.


To become a Signal Provider>>



>For subscribers:
If the newly created KVB PRIME account subscribes to a signal during the event, it can get 200 FCOIN as a bonus with any following transaction order generated after the subscription.


Subscribe a signal>>


Reward distribution:
a, The FCOIN rewards for events of series 1, 2, and 3 (except for the automatically issued FCOIN) will be issued within 5 working days after the completion.
b, For each series of events, a user can only participate with one account.
c, If you meet the conditions of any series of events, you can send private messages to @KVB PRIME Assistant to get rewards.


Post Under the #ProfitSecret# to Win FCOIN


Topic: #ProfitSecret#
Participation method:Write articles by topic and publish.
a, The work can be in the form of vocabulary or video, and the number of words in the article is not less than 80 words/the length of the video is not less than 30s.
b.*Don't forget to take the hashtag #ProfitSecret# in the article, and @KVB PRIME Global in the article. (It's an essential part to get rewards!)
Rewards:  50~300 FCOIN will be sent to the winners' accounts within 5 working days after the end of the event.

Selection Criteria:
a, The content of the article is selected by the organizers
b, Total popularity of all articles submitted by the author.
*Post Popularity = Likes + Comments

If you have any questions about the event, please contact @KVB PRIME Assistant by private message.



Don't know what FCOIN is? Don't be FOMO, we got your back!

FCOIN is coming, what can FCOIN do:
a, FCOIN can be exchanged for e-books, and GrabGift for free at the FOLLOWME APP exchange center. As long as it has it, you can redeem it~
b, FCOIN can be used to deduct subscription fees, subscribe to various high-quality trading signals for free, and follow your favorite traders on the whole network.
c, FCOIN can reward articles that are eye-catching for you or any articles.
In short, more FCOIN, more happiness~

No limit for you to GET FCOIN with a KVB Prime account

(Please exchange items in the FOLLOWME APP: FCOIN→Reward pool→Exchange Center)


①Users of this event follow the principle of voluntary participation.
②During the event, if you have any of the following behaviors or situations, the organizer has the right to unilaterally cancel your reward qualifications: 
a, Providing false information;
b, Malpractice behavior;
c, Fraudulent behavior;
d, False transactions or malicious sabotage activities;
e, Butterfly software, crawler software, reward software, or any other automatic or improper means to participate in this activity;
f, Any behavior that violates the principles of good faith, public order, and good customs, fairness, and justice.
③Risk warning: Users who participate in the event are aware of the possible risks in the transaction by default, and the sponsor will not bear any responsibility for any risks arising from the transaction (including but not limited to market risks, investment losses, trading platforms, etc.). Understand the risks of transactions by default and will be fully borne by themselves.
④The final interpretation right of this event belongs to KVB PRIME, and we reserve the right to modify the detailed rules of the event without notifying the participants.


Disclaimer: The content above represents only the views of the author or guest. It does not represent any views or positions of FOLLOWME and does not mean that FOLLOWME agrees with its statement or description, nor does it constitute any investment advice. For all actions taken by visitors based on information provided by the FOLLOWME community, the community does not assume any form of liability unless otherwise expressly promised in writing.

FOLLOWME Trading Community Website:

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