Guess May NFP - Get 50 FCOIN Right Away

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Guess May NFP - Get 50 FCOIN Right Away

A good deal would not be available anywhere on earth, but only in FOLLOWME, #GuessNFP# is finally back with greater rewards than ever! Through two options, make a wild guess according to your hunch or study the market analysis and guess the NFP result, the user with the closest prediction in the quickest time will be rewarded with 50 FCOIN with a trading E-book.

📢 Guessing time! 📢


May NFP data will be released on Jun 2. 

What is your guess?


Have you got any idea? You can comment down below 👇 this article to make a guess. Remember, each FOLLOWME account is only allowed to make 1 guess, kindly make use of it for this month.

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