Opinion Leader is You - Rules Update

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Opinion Leader is You - Rules Update


After an attractive April with the return of many super HOT events, Opinion Leader Program still stands in the top of the events that are most interested by users.

Just POSTING EVERY DAY in accordance with the rules and you can receive a prize of up to 500 FCOIN per month with #OPINIONLEADER#

Following is the list of Winners of April 2022.








Congratulations to all winners!


FOLLOWME will have some updates on  OPINION LEADER rules


1.Fill in this form in the link or QR code below to sign up to be Opinion Leader


Opinion Leader is You - Rules Update


2.FOLLOWME will give you a OPINION LEADER medal after approving your application form


3.You need to use Notes to post content that you sign up in the form at least once a week - you can post daily to increase your prize




Opinion Leader is You - Rules Update


Opinion Leader is You - Rules Update




Opinion Leader is You - Rules Update


Opinion Leader is You - Rules Update


4.Don’t forget to add topic #OPINIONLEADER# in your content and wait for the result in the beginning of next month


***Notice: You only need to fill in the form one time when you want to join Opinion Leader Program, the old requirement about the number of words and using Notes to post are the same 


FOLLOWME will send you rewards next week, check your FCOIN wallet next week!


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The award 10 Fcoin for posting every day is still applied, right? 😍😍😍
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Yes, only Opinion Leaders will have this reward.