Who got 50 FCOIN just by guessing the March NFP data?

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Who got 50 FCOIN just by guessing the March NFP data?

Regardless of experienced traders or new traders, #GuessNFP# and #DựĐoánNFP# are here to award our best guessers, as long as your guess is the closest to the actual NFP result. 

The US economy added 431K payrolls in March of 2022, below market forecasts of 490K, but still pointing to a tight labor market, previously at 678K. Let’s give a big round of applause to the winners this month! 

FIRST PRIZE - 50 FCOIN and an EBOOK - The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading
  • Congrats @Chaucer : your guess was 450K


  • Congrats @Tien3 : your guess was 500K




You all can see their guesses under these posts: GuessMarchNFP and DựđoánNFPTháng3


***The reward will be distributed to you all as soon as possible this week. 


FOLLOWME appreciates all users’ participation, however, there are only 3 winners! We encourage users to study relevant market analyses and make a better guess next month.

Remember, we will post an article on the very first Monday of every month on topics #GuessNFP# and #DựĐoánNFP# , users can comment down below that article to take a guess about NFP data.

Hope to see you next month!

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Total 5 FCOIN reward


wow 😂 lol I didnt think that I could get the prize this easy btw, thank you