FOLLOWInterview | @TrendHeo - Martingale is the Most Effective Trading Strategy

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FOLLOWInterview | @TrendHeo - Martingale is the Most Effective Trading Strategy

The Martingale betting system is a risk-seeking investment method, and only big capital players can participate. @TrendHeo is such an adventurous player with an equity of more than 1 million US dollars. 

There are many traders in the community who use martingale strategies, most of them performed well for a period of time, but once they encounter a volatile market, many of them can’t escape the fate of account liquidation. Can @TrendHeo ’s strategy continue to operate stably for a long time? Let’s reveal the secrets of his trading:

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  • Hi, can you introduce yourself and how did you know forex trading and get started?
  • Hello FOLLOWME community, my name is Hung, I have known Forex since the beginning of 2020 introduced by an acquaintance. I was very curious about this huge trading market and did a lot of research on reputable forums and websites (including FOLLOWME). I started with a $2,000 account and was very confident that I would beat the market, but I burned my account during the deep drop from the top of gold.


  • Do you have an unforgettable memory in this forex trading market?
  • Well, that was the first time when I burned my account, I still remember that day vividly. It was Monday (August 10, 2020), when gold ended its previous long rally, my $2,000 account was completely burned. That makes me quite unconfident in this market. But it also motivated me to dig deeper into this huge forex market.


  • What goals have motivated you to trade in the forex market so far?
  • I find myself attracted to the Forex market, a market with huge potential and liquidity, which brings high profits. My aim is to make a profit and train my psychology and knowledge in forex trading.


  • According to your experience, which trading strategy and principle is the most effective (more than two can be mentioned). Can you be more specific about those strategies and principles and give the reader a few examples?
  • In my opinion, the most effective trading strategy is the Martingale Strategy combined with Capital Management. The theory of the Martingale method is that with a sufficiently large capital, the player will not be able to lose in a row after many consecutive bets. Therefore, after each losing bet, on the next bet, the bet amount will be doubled (or according to the ratio you choose).
  • Example: Your initial capital is 10 USD. The Risk: Reward ratio is 1:1. That is when you order 1 USD if you Win, you get 1 USD; if you Lose you lose 1 USD.


  • 1st bet:  Put 1 USD - You Win, capital increased to 11 USD.
  • 2nd bet: Put  1 USD - You Lose, return capital 10 USD.
  • 3rd bet: Place 2 USD - You Lose, capital reduced to 08 USD.
  • 4th bet: Place  4 USD -  You Win, Capital increased to 12 USD.


  • In the past, you were also a newbie, wet feet in this forex trading market, do you find it easier for beginners to trade now? Why?
  • I find at the moment it is very easy to start trading in the forex market for newbies, due to the development of information technology, knowledge in the forex field is very popular, varied, and easy to find. We have many communities to exchange knowledge in the forex market such as FOLLOWME, which is a very fast and useful place to find information.


  • With the current 4.0 technology era, do you think forex trading will become a trending hot job?
  • I totally believe in this. Due to the development of technology today, it shortens the distance, time as well as development of rich and poor countries. It makes technology accessible to more people, they can gain knowledge deeply so that they can easily access the forex market and trade profitably.


  • Based on the Covid situation of the world from 2020 to now, how do you think this forex market has developed?
  • Based on the Covid situation of the world from 2020 till now, I see that the foreign exchange market hasn’t been affected much but is growing very strongly. Because people are isolated at home and work is delayed, there is more time and more opportunities to interact, learn and participate in the foreign exchange market.


  • In your opinion, is forex trading as volatile or dangerous as the public portrays it? Why?
  • In my opinion, the forex market is very dangerous for newcomers to join without understanding, learning, or having no one to lead. But this will be a huge opportunity for those who have fully mastered the knowledge and experience in this market.


  • Given the current global and domestic economic situation, do you have any advice for beginner traders?
  • New traders should thoroughly understand the forex market, starting with enough capital to experience the market. Those who want to find traders to execute COPY TRADING should check the data and parameters provided. You should not take profits too seriously but must focus on the long term development of a Signal.


  • What does a Signal Provider mean to you?
  • In my opinion, a Signals Provider is a real profit maker for many people, providing comfort and passive income for copy traders. And I am also a Signals provider on FOLLOWME, here are some of my basic parameters. If you like my interview, you can visit my personal page to follow all the data in more detail.

FOLLOWInterview | @TrendHeo - Martingale is the Most Effective Trading Strategy

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This is such a silly view, I find it bizarre that the platform is promoting this type of nonsense. "...the most effective trading strategy is the Martingale Strategy combined with Capital Management." - rofl, laughing out loud.
Martingale is good , but one needs to have a huge bank balance too , to back opt the running next cycle of orders. Can be good with binary option trading.
All this loosers saying martingale doesn’t work or need big capital are the same loosers don’t make proffit at all but love to talk 🤣🤣
marti is not a good friend i think
kind reminder, if you do not have enough money , I mean a loooooot of money , you better not try Martingale
Beginners better not to use martingale strategy