COPYTRADER Guide-How to select traders scientifically and reasonably

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First, let’s talk about the common misunderstandings of COPYTRADERS

1. Perfect curve, performance

2. Fully automatic, high-precision EA (Many EA debugging processes still have a lot of manual existence, good EA is often summarized by good manual strategy.)


How ordinary investors subscribe

1. The average annual investment return of the fund is not high, and excellent traders in the community have higher returns over a period of time, so you can consider following with an appropriate position.

2. Benefits and risks coexist and need to bear corresponding risks. Therefore, if you are conservative, it is best to invest on a rolling basis, leaving some of the remaining funds to invest in outstanding traders who may appear in the future


Some of the most conservative COPYTRADE experience

1. Some technical analysis type and EA type traders usually like to trade AUDNZD, EURGBP, CHFJPY. The trading strategy of the oscillating disk is usually adopted. After a unilateral market situation occurs, it is very likely to retreat significantly or choose to hold the position.

2. Declared to be an advanced EA, it is very likely that it is just an ordinary technical indicator type EA, with manual decision-making.

COPYTRADER Guide-How to select traders scientifically and reasonably

3. NZD, GBP, AUD, CAD fluctuate greatly. If a trader trades a lot in a few days and makes a lot of profits, it is very likely that he will only refer to technical analysis. Trading a one-minute K-line will have a higher risk and a long-term probability of loss.

4. Don't just judge the trader's trading level from the text on posts, or just look at the profitable returns of two or three months before deciding to subscribe. Next, I will talk about some methods of analyzing traders.


How COPYTRADERS choose traders

1, Combining your own financial situation, choose the right funds to subscribe.

2, Determine the trader's trading style (pro-trend, anti-trend), trading varieties, holding time (intraday, swing)

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