Featured #Profitshow# Winner Last Week!

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Featured #Profitshow# Winner Last Week!

The #Profitshow# campaign has been going on for one week. Have you participated? No? No worries. The campaign will last till the end of March, but the sooner you join, the higher chances you would get featured #profitshow# reward. What are you waiting for! Just add a screenshot of your profit or a trading order and tag #Profitshow#, getting a cash reward is just so easy!

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Congratulations to the Featured #Profitshow# Content winners for the week of Mar. 15-Mar. 21

@LeeOn Fx Shared profit here

@LeeOn Fx Shared profit here

@laraibnasir103 Shared profit here

@~tera~ Shared profit here

@Ryez Shared profit here

Each content gets 50 FCOIN rewards. 

Wanna get a reward like them? Don't know what to share? Here are the tips to write the #Profitshow# content :

1. Share your trading mood: Today is a happy day!

2. Share your goal: Do not seek a big win, stable profit is perfect.

3. Markets to watch today: XAU/USD, Crude Oil

4. Status: Wait till the price touches the support line, then buy it

5. Trading volume: 0.1 lot

6. My forecast: GOLD - After this break out it will cost $2000 soon.

7. Today’s profit: Big win today.


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