How to Use "Wallet" Feature?

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How to Use Wallet Feature?

"Wallet" is a feature of FOLLOWME to help you manage your balance and conduct transaction within our service. First of all, you will need to understand the following terms that you would encounter.

( Notes: Taking Apps interface as example, the web interface is very similar)

How to Use Wallet Feature?



What are points?

You can exchange for FCOIN by topping up "points". (Note: "Points" can only be used to exchange FCOIN).

How to Use Wallet Feature?


What is energy?

The energy is used to calculate the weight ratio of the user's FCOIN. In the same settlement period, the higher the energy, the greater the possibility of obtaining more FCOIN.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How to get the energy?

Users can register, follow, like, comment, save, share, and post on the platform to obtain the energy. Unfollow, unlike, unsaved, delete comments will also deduct the corresponding the energy.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How long is the energy valid?

The energy is settled at 22:00 (UTC+8) every day. At the end of each settlement period, if the sum of the energy obtained by the user is greater than 0, participate in the current FCOIN settlement and clear it. When the sum of the second energy is negative, it will not participate in the settlement and continue to the next cycle.



What is FCOIN?

FCOIN is a virtual currency that is only circulated in the FOLLOWME community.

What is FCOIN bonus pool?

The sum of value rewards generated by logged-in users' active behaviors in the FOLLOWME community. The amount of the FCOIN bonus pool changes with the number of active people every day. The more active people, the larger the total bonus pool.

Every day 22:05 (UTC+8) settlement and distribution to the user accounts participating in obtaining FCOIN.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How to get FCOIN?

1.Exchange "points" to FCOIN: top-up "points" first, and then exchange into FCOIN at a ratio of 1:10.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How to Use Wallet Feature?

2.FCOIN bonus pool: You can obtain the energy through active behavior in the FOLLOWME community (energy is used to calculate the weight ratio of users to obtain FCOIN), and participate in the settlement of FCOIN bonus pool at 22:05 (UTC+8:00) every day. The higher the energy, the greater the possibility of getting more FCOIN.

What is FCOIN used for?

FCOIN can be used to pay for subscription fees, or to redeem goods or props at the exchange center.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How long is the FCOIN valid?

The FCOIN redeemed by "points" or the FCOIN gifted by FOLLOWME is permanently valid.

The FCOIN obtained from active behaviors must be collected within 7 days, otherwise it will expire and become invalid.



Top-up Instructions

1. PayPal and credit card payments are supported.

2. After the user confirms the purchase, the payment will be deducted through the corresponding payment account.

3. After the top-up is successful, refunds, withdrawals, or transfers to others are temporarily not supported.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

Problem Encountered in Payment?

1. If it shows that the top-up is successful (the payment has been successful), but the "points" are not received, it may be due to a network delay. You can refresh the page/close the App process and enter again to check whether the "points" are updated.

2. If the "points" have not increased within 30 minutes, please take a screenshot of your top-up record and feedback to the customer service. We will check your top-up order as soon as possible.

3. If the top-up "points" are not received, your top-up amount will be returned to you within 3-7 working days.



How to withdraw cash?

Withdrawal refers to withdrawing the income from the FOLLOWME wallet account (currently only the subscription fee) to a bank account under your own name.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How long will it take to receive the money in the account after applying for withdrawal?

1. If the withdrawal application is approved, it is expected to arrive in the account within 5 working days.

2. During the process from the withdrawal application to the review and approval, the funds of the application part are frozen.

Add/Change Bank Account

1. Real-name authentication (verification) is required before adding a bank account. Only the bank account of the authenticated user can be added.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

How to Use Wallet Feature?

2. If the real-name authentication of the new version is not completed, the added bank account can still be used. When you change your bank account again, you need to perform real-name authentication again.

3. If the bank account is changed when the last withdrawal application is not received, the funds will still be sent to the previous bank account.

Withdrawal Fee Rules

If it is greater than 50 USD, a 5% handling fee will be charged, and less than 20 USD will be charged at 20 USD. The withdrawal amount cannot be greater than the current wallet account balance.

How to check withdrawal records?

Click [Profile]-[Wallet] in the lower right corner and select [Withdrawal Record] to view the records.

How to Use Wallet Feature?

Note: If the withdrawal is successful, the bank generally does not receive SMS notification, please check the bank account income and expenditure details yourself.

Why cannot be withdrawal?

The common reasons for failing to withdraw are as follows:

1. Your balance is insufficient;

2. The system is busy;

3. Network reasons.

If you are unable to withdraw cash due to the above situation, please try later or contact our customer service.

Why the withdrawal failed?

The general reasons for withdrawal failure may be the following, you can refer to the corresponding solutions for handling:

1. The bank account information is incorrect, or the status is abnormal: Please check whether the bank account information you filled in is correct and whether the bank account status is normal.

2.The system is busy, please try again: It may be because the network system is busy or is being upgraded, please wait, and try again.

3. Don't worry, the funds will not be deducted after the withdrawal fails.

Why did the bank account review fail?

1. The name of the real-name authentication does not match the name of the bank account: only the bank account of the authenticated user can be added. If it is inconsistent, please change your bank account and resubmit.

2. The bank account information is incorrect: please check whether the bank account information you filled in is correct.


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