Review of Loss-XAU/USD

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Firstly,I am really sorry for my followers loss with me.

I am not afraid of loss, because it happens with trading. While i am very guilty for who trust me but loss money by copying my trading.

For my fault short position for the XAU/USD, my acc loss $ 629 for this order.

And my suggestion to copytraders: Set the Stop loss is necessary. Not matter whether you make profit, make sure you won't loss beyond your expectation. Set your risk management according to your equity. It is really important for the new traders to avoid busting your account.

As we can see, in the last week , the Fed ramined the same interest rate, so  risk catalysts keep fueling gold. Besides,the US dollar’s fall to multi-week low,which also contributes to gold‘s bull.

Gold prices ease from the early-day record high level of $1,988 to $1,970 on Monday. Gold keeps the higher high formation intact despite its repeated failures to pierce $2,0000 after each run-up.

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Safe trading guys, we dont know where market move cause world issue
haii...teach me how to make money pls
@Nur Afiqah youre in the right Path pal :)
gold jump to1990 now😡
@MetalQuant are you also trader on google bro..
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oh no! hope you recover this soon.
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oh no! how r you doing this week?
@Moneyy mistake judge position on gold.
Appreciate your brutal honesty - and for the two tips. May this week bring better profits!
@Apparat will be
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what's important is you learned something from it. all the best!