One thought on #GuessNFP# Today and Win 30 FollowCash!

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Here we have #GuessNFP# activity back again for this month! Have you already got an idea in your mind? Remember that you can win 30 FollowCash if you guess the closest number of Non Farm Payrolls of May. Click to check if you are unclear about FollowCash


As a quick reference, the NFP data in March was -870K, the NFP data in April was -20.5M, and the market expects it to be -8000K.

 One thought on #GuessNFP# Today and Win 30 FollowCash!


How to join the activity:

Only participants that post their answers under the hashtag of #GuessNFP# will be eligible.


Activity Time:

From now till 8:00 pm (GMT + 0) on Friday, June 5, 2020.


Activity Rewards:

For users who participate in guessing, @FOLLOWME Hub will select 3 users who predict the closest number to the actual one, and give the corresponding FollowCash reward.


1. First prize: It is for only one user who predicts the closest number, and the reward of 30 FollowCash will be given;


2. Second prize: It is for two users who predict the second and third closest number, and the reward of 15 FollowCash will be given;


(If the forecast data is the same, the winner will be given priority to the earlier publishing one.)



The guessing results will be announced and FollowCash reward will be issued within 5 workdays after the result gets published.

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