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Do share when you make profits

xau/usdwanna know when can my ea take off?

This week deal with Gold 

Only do 0.01 -0.02 Small in eachStart 72$ on 21/9 My first aim is $1000 😚😚😚

A twinkle in the sky.

Spotted an opportunity and grabbed hold of a twinkle in the sky. Japanese yen is well known for being a safe haven currency. Upcoming this week is a list of macroeconomic data out of Japan such as the Eco Watchers Survey tool which adds anticipation to yen. On the other hand, GBP is under pressure a

EUR/USD Profit Show

#EUR/USD#; Sell 0.27FLots; Open/Close price: 1.15392→1.15205; Open/Close Time: 07/22 12:00→07/22 14:25; Profit $50.49

Dear subscribers, I will try harder on the next wave.

It is all about the mentality. As we are moving towards a new year, let's keep giving our best shot and gain what we lost this year. #Market&Mind# #MarketCorrection# #trading#

Last week big catch on Xau/Usd

It's been a great achievement on my copytrade last week. Hopefully will make more profit again on this week. =D

GBP/USD Profit Show

#GBP/USD#; Sell 0.69FLots; Open/Close price: 1.27173→1.27033; Open/Close Time: 07/23 15:26→07/23 16:34; Profit $96.6

How far can $10000 go?

Do you know how far $10000 can profit for 1 month? Let’s see it.... #Profitshow# #FolloWebinar# #Todayanalysis#

Profits from copytrade

find a trustable trader to follow @LuxesTrading
Nice Profits #Profitshow#

Brexit is not fun

I will keep trying me best. As we move towards the end of the year, Brexit is still taking places but nowhere near destination. #NoDealBrexitRisk# #Brexit# #GBP/USD#

I Caught a 533pips of Profit.

Good Morning everyone, Monday is not blue everyday.Whole new trading week :D Happy trading day guys.


Just testing. I don't know what is it.

EUR/USD trading

hold tight - possible pullback to the previous high!

Pull-up Update