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[Where Did You Gold?] Possible Short Or Still Bullish Ahead for Gold at This Level?

Kuala Lumpur 6:30 p.m. (GMT+8) - In the early European market, spot gold prices has been fluctuating around the level of $1,900 per ounce. On the latest gold price movement, Swissquote Bank wrote a brief analysis as follows:Illustration photo of Gold H4 chart from Investing.comIf the gold price

[READ N' GO] - Daily News Recap

Good morning traders! This is the official account to find out all the breaking news that may/may not affect your trading decision such as economy policies, political moves, global agendas and more.BUT first, to start off your day with a bang, here's a recap of the important news we think you s

[BREAKING] Dollar Holds Small Gains as Markets Buffeted by COVID-19 Woes & Election Uncertainty

Illustration photo of U.S. dollar in Trump's version from Forexlive SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The dollar clung to small gains on Tuesday as the greenback’s safe-haven appeal was burnished by worries about a second wave of COVID-19, which drove the steepest stock market selloff in a month and underpinned

[DAILY NOTION] FXEMPIRE - EUR/USD Forecast - Oct 27, 2020

EUR/USD is trying to get back above 1.1830 as the U.S. dollar is pulling back after yesterday’s upside move.The U.S. Dollar Index, which measures the strength of the U.S. dollar against a broad basket of currencies, has declined below the 93 level and is trying to get to the test of the nearest

[DAILY NOTION] FXSTREET - Will U.S. 3rd Quarter GDP Meet Expectation? - Oct 28, 2020

American economic growth raced ahead in the third quarter after the pandemic lockdown in March and April caused the largest gross domestic product (GDP) drop in history.Expansion is expected to reach an annual rate of 35% last quarter after it collapsed at 31.4% in April, May and June.Pandemic Catas

BREAKING - Trump and Biden's Final Economic Pitch: GDP Growth vs 'Deep Hole'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s campaign is touting the blockbuster Gross Domestic Product figure released Thursday morning as evidence that the U.S. economy is healing quickly, while his Democratic opponent Joe Biden is focused on the “deep hole” the economy is still in because of t

BREAKING - Dollar Firms, Euro Hurt After ECB Signals Further Easing

TOKYO (Reuters) - The dollar firmed on Friday and the euro shrank near a four-week low against the greenback after the European Central Bank (ECB) hinted further monetary easing by the end of the year. Illustration photo of European Central Bank (ECB) from Open Business Council The euro’s overnight

BREAKING - U.S. Economy Grew in Third-Quarter Yet Zero Impact to Election

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. economy grew at a historic pace in the third quarter as the government injected more than $3 trillion worth of pandemic relief which fueled consumer spending, but the deep scars from the COVID-19 recession could take a year or more to heal. Illustration photo of Gros

BREAKING - Kuwait Says Supports Any OPEC+ Supply Decision As 2021 Curbs Loom

DUBAI/BAGHDAD/LONDON (Reuters) - Kuwait said on Thursday it would support any decision made by OPEC and its allies on future oil supply policy after OPEC and industry sources told Reuters some producers would prefer to pump more from January rather than extend output curbs. Illustration photo of OP


为大家介绍一些短线交易中判断行情是单边还是震荡的简单方法。首先可以肯定的是我们对未来的行情走势是无法确定判断的,我们只能够进行一定程度上的预测,只有当行情走完,才能够知道是震荡还是单边。最简单的方法使用MA组合移动平均线1、震荡市均线系统散落,在较小的空间内波动。2、只要走势一直处于多头行情,或空头行情中,就是单边行情 均线呈现典型的多头或空头排列。3、把5.均线调出来,如果都是多头排列就是一根在另一根上面,那么就是单边行情,如果均线反复交叉就是震荡.不过有几点需要额外强调一下。行情走势是具有很大的不确定性的。为大家分享的使用

[Where Did You Gold?] Gold Price May Fluctuates For More Than $100?

Kuala Lumpur 5:30 p.m. (GMT+8) - In the European market, the spot gold price continues to fluctuate at around $1,905 per ounce with the trading range getting narrower today.For the gold price movement today, MarketPulse wrote a brief analysis as follows:The gold price range continued on a compressin

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