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#Newtrader#Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Please follow my new trader account#2. Come with me to have wonderful trading!
I took advantage of the oversold situation. I definitely went for long position. Secured my small profit just now. I could have waited longer but i decided not too. Purely my choice. Not yet confident...
I have made 0.34% of profit in 2 weeks. Not much but I'm proud of myself. Hoping for more consistent trading in future.
Grateful for my first trading results on FOLLOWME. Now i can see that USDJPY will definitely bounce back to the upside. Must monitor the market to seek for buying potential. The oversold already happe...
Like I said yesterday, it was a buy opportunity. However, it almost touch my price action but it didn't. Therefore, i did not execute the order. It did go bullish up to 500 points. 😓. Hoping for an...
For today, I am looking for a buy opportunity. The RSI in H1 and H4 indicates that the pair has already been oversold. The base supports are best buying opportunities. Trade at your own risk! All the...
If you are looking for swing trading, you should know how to cope up with floating losses. Remain calm and do not panic. There are few risk management technics that can be applied to ensure the floati...
This is a good reading to kick-start your trading days. Recommended.
Based on my chart, the lines are dependable. Selling is recommendable. Happy trading!
Hope this helps for traders who want to calculate their margin. Remember, risk management is important.