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Sweet Deal For First-Time COPY TRADER

Are you looking for a Signal but not sure where or how to start? Here's something to help you out! If you have not tried our COPYTRADE feature or subscribe to a Signal before, just mention #COPYTRADENOW# in the comment section below and we will give you 150 FCOIN to try your first cop


Before the year 2020 ends, we would like to show you our gratitude by hosting this special campaign in order to hear from each of you about your trading skills. But we won't be focusing on the symbols or technical analysis this round, instead, we want to hear from you about your tips and insights in


KAMI MENGHARGAI KONTEN KUALITAS FOLLOWME menghargai konten dan wawasan berkualitas dari semua orang di industri perdagangan. Apakah Anda seorang analis, pedagang, pialang, jurnalis media, program ini dirancang untuk memberi penghargaan kepada mereka yang memiliki pandangan tajam di pasar dengan anal
(BLOOMBERG) Fed Keeps Rates Low While Watching Recovery Sputter. - Dec 18, 2020.#USFederalReserve##FedInterestRateDecision##USeconomy#...

Clearing Falcon Group, Genuine Progress Index others added to FMA warning list

Photo: Leaprate New Zealand Financial Markets Authority added Clearing Falcon Group Limited, Genuine Progress Index Limited and Yunma Tianlong International Consulting Co., Limited, Karatbars International GmbH, Karatbit Foundation and associated companies, Gold Standard Bank, Freebay, Sixon Investm

Jordan, SNB: Kebijakan Ekspansif Adalah Satu-Satunya Cara Untuk Jaga Stabilitas Harga

Ketua Swiss Nation Bank (SNB), Thomas Jordan menambahkan komentar sebelumnya dan mengklarifikasi bahwa laporan AS tidak berdampak pada kebijakan moneter kami. SNB atau Swiss bukan manipulator mata uang. Kami melakukan dialog konstruktif dengan teman-teman kami di AS tentang masalah manipulasi mata u

How to Use "Quotes" Feature?

"Quotes" is the online trading features that FOLLOWME provides on App version, while WEBTRADE is available for web trader. Here is the introduction to "Quotes".   Surface 1. Latest: stands for latest "Bid Price". If you are not logged in, the demo will be displayed, and the Broker's quotation will b
(Yahoo Finance) Why Bitcoin's 2020 Surge is Different From Its 2017 Highs? - Dec 17, 2020.#bitcoinsurge##cryptocurrency##BTC/USD#...

FOLLOWLIVE (EVENT) - Three Tips You Should Know About COPYTRADE

Have you ever wonder why you ended up losing money regardless of whether you were subscribing to an outstanding trader or any trader? Hate to break it to you, but copy trading is not as easy as you might think it is. Despite being an easier approach to start trading in forex, there are a few things
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EUR/USD Price Analysis: Extra losses expected below 1.2080

EUR/USD sticks to the rangebound theme above 1.2100. Overbought conditions still favour a correction in the near-term. EUR/USD reverses three consecutive daily pullbacks and returns to the area above the 1.2100 yardstick on Wednesday. While further consolidation remains on the cards, the current ove

COVID-19 vaccine bearish scenario

Last I left off, I had explained how the introduction of a vaccine can be extremely bullish for the market place and how everyone is supposed to benefit from it’s introduction. However, I did mention that with such an increase in demand, something sinister is hiding right around the corner. That’s i

Hampir Tidak Ada Korelasi Antara Neraca ECB Dan Inflasi

Korelasi antara ukuran neraca European centra Bank (ECB) dan inflasi di area mata uang umum secara harfiah nol, menurut Jeroen Blokland, Manajer Portofolio untuk dana Robeco Multi-Asset, Robeco ONE dan Robeco Pension Return Portfolio. Itu tampaknya menjadi kasus bank sentral mengekspansi neraca

Laporan Perdagangan Teratas FOLLOWME Community - Minggu Keempat November 2020

2020/11/23 - 2020/11/27 Total Pesanan Perdagangan 377,701 Dibandingkan dengan 336.826 minggu sebelumnya, total order perdagangan telah menyusut sebesar 12% atau 40.875 untuk minggu terakhir. Untuk minggu terakhir, 10 Trader Teratas telah memberikan kinerja yang luar biasa dengan total keuntungan $31
精金 兔子

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Second Week of December 2020

2020/12/7 - 2020/12/13 Total Trading Volume 341,144 (Down by 64, 859 or 15.9% w-o-w) For the latest week, the TOP 10 Traders has delivered a total profit of $350,000, which was a decline compared to last week. However, this week’s top performer on the Top 10 Traders list, @交易ex, performe
交易 四海 智能

McDonalds bullish reversal at 50% fib of wave four

McDonalds (MCD) stocks has made a bullish reverse at the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. Does this indicate the end of the retracement and restart of the uptrend? MCD seems to have completed a wave 4 (pink) pattern. This remains valid as long as price stays above the top of wave 1 (blue box). A wav

Pull-up Update