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USD/JPY Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Underpinned as US Economic Recovery Remains at Risk   Weekly Jobless Claims will be an early indication of the direction of the economy in July and August. If they spike higher then so will the USD/JPY. The Dollar/


#GBP/USD# 英镑 短线下破25663确定多头结束,可等待反抽2640做空(等待赛福) 止损2670之上 目标2251-218
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Fed’s balance sheet sees largest weekly drop in over 11 years

The US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) balance sheet size declined by about $88 billion to $6.97 trillion in the week ended July 8, versus $7.06 trillion a week earlier, official data released Thursday showed.  The largest weekly decline in more than 11 years was fueled by the drop in the balance of outstan

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just entry, sell at AUDCAD,, against the current of tren.
Do you still remember about my EURUSD mapping for today that have been uploadedFIX ALL CLEAR on EURUSD at the time.happy ending who was follow.
@FOLLOWSTAR why my client under my reff go out from me?could you tell me why ?
after mapping for yesterday about sell EURUSD plan, and all was clear so, now EURUSD will try to rebound again..
Plan EURUSD,,will be drop to 1.12821 this day

Pull-up Update