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今天平安夜提前收市,明天圣诞节全天休市,兄弟们节日快乐🎉 #EUR/USD# #GBP/USD# #XAU/USD#

Wall Street closes out wild pandemic year with Dow, S&P at records

NEW YORK (Reuters) -U.S. stocks ended a tumultuous year with the Dow and S&P 500 at records, as the three major U.S. equity indexes notched solid-to-spectacular yearly gains despite an economy upended by the COVID-19 virus as investors looked to a post-pandemic world. In a year that marked the e


#爆仓# 继双十一后,我又遇难了~ 两个月时间,账户合计爆仓N次,共亏损了¥63.4万,由原先的-28.3万破新低亏到-91.8万。天塌了~ 特别是这十天时间,都是一单十几万十几万的亏,赌,逆势加仓,总想加到重仓博之前的亏损。想一单就把之前亏的那笔全部赚回来,浮盈不出,浮亏死扛,终究是死在心魔上~ 那天悲痛欲绝,借钱借了好几天,朋友亲戚都删了不少,那些人就算打发我也罢,哪怕借我一百一千元我也会感激他们,一个个的一毛不拔,酒肉朋友,虚情假意的!我太失败了,失败的社交、失败的感情,失败的交易体系。饭后散心路过彩票店!居然用花呗支付了一张复式彩票,希望能像

新手杂谈 3—额们要不要预测市场行情,有没有意义?

大家好,我是修真悟道小学生,一个野生外汇交易爱好者。好多新手进入外汇市场都会试图预测行情,花大量时间研究各种技术指标,甚至于沉迷于寻找完美的技术指标中不可自拔。总是想着找到一个神奇的指标,能够完美的进出场,然后迎娶白富美,走上人生巅峰。 首先我想说的是外汇市场是不是可以预测的呢?这篇文章我想试图说下对此的理解,希望能给外汇新手提供一些有用的观点。事先声明我个人表达能力有限,有模糊和偏颇的地方希望大家多理解。 个人认为交易市场本身是混沌的,具有不可预测性,同时在某方面也是具有可预测性的(看似是句废话,原谅我的表达能力有限吧)。如果单纯的说市场不可预测,那么技术分析就成为了一个笑话。我是这样理解的
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Trading Counter Trend Price Moves - Looking For Clues. #tradingskill##BeginnerTrader##NewTraders#

READ N' GO-Daily News Recap

Good morning traders! This is the official account to find out all the breaking news that may/may not affect your trading decision such as economy policies, political moves, global agendas and more. BUT first, to start off your day with a bang, here's a recap of the important news we think you shoul

(DAILY NOTION): Is a Correction Up Next for BTC/USD? Next Mover: U.S. Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Source: Yahoo Finance BTC/USD had a rather tumultuous run on the first Monday of 2021, as it experienced a sharp decline below $29,000. However, the BTC/USD bulls gained momentum to climb up again and at this time, has managed to reach $32,781.59. The present Relative Strength Index is at 80, signal
Is the Gold Rally of 2021 Starting?  #Goldboom##marketoutlook2021##technicalanalysis#

Where Did You Gold? - Gold Records Biggest Daily Gains Since April

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from economies.com Investors turned to gold as the U.S. dollar fell due to rising concerns over COVID-19. According to John Hopkins University, the coronavirus recorded 85 million infected cases globally, with 1.85 million casualties. Investors are zeroing i

FOLLOWLIVE (EVENT) - First Rule to Get Promising Return: Disciplined Capital management

When it comes to trading, no matter how good you are in analysing a chart, without a proper risk management system set in place, you are very likely to face two outcomes: Lose Big or Win Small. In fact, it is safe to say that up to 90% of loss-making trades came from the traders who lack the fu

Platinum strength

Gold, bitcoin, and silver have all benefited from a weaker dollar over the last few weeks. Yesterday saw a very strong run for precious metals and one metal that has very strong seasonals is Platinum. If you look over the last 33 years you can see that Platinum has had a very strong start to the yea

The pandemic dampened the market sentiment in the new year beginning

The dovish market sentiment is still persisting on increasing worries about the global economic recovery amid rising of corona virus cases across the globe. After US scored new daily high cases above 300k, while the rollout vaccination is still running slower than expected dampening the hopes of wat

GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks fall as virus cases rise; U.S. dollar edges higher

* U.S. stocks sharply lower in afternoon trading * Gold prices rally * U.S. bond prices fall (Updates with closing oil prices) NEW YORK, Jan 4 (Reuters) - U.S. stocks dropped more than 1% on Monday, the first trading day of the new year, pulling back after recent gains to record highs, while the U.S

Asia Trades Mostly Higher, Nikkei Lags

General Trend Kospi outperforms; Chipmakers rise, Samsung hits record high; Hyundai Motor, SK Innovation and Samsung SDI rise amid possible battery supply deal Gainers in Australia include Resources, Consumer and Financial firms ; Link Administration declines over 13% on withdrawn takeover offer PBO


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