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[DAILY NOTION] FXSTREET - EUR/USD Forecast - Oct 28, 2020

Despite euro's resumption of upward trend from September's eight-week through at 1.1613 to a one-month high of 1.1880 last Wednesday, its subsequent erratic fall to 1.1770 in Australia today suggests temporary peak has been met and weakness to 1.1704/1.1709 is expected after the consolidation. What'
[DAILY NOTION] FOLLOWME x TradingCentral - Stock Slide Continues as Microsoft Earnings Loom - Oct 28, 2020 #insightsboard# #TradingCentral# #NASDAQ# ...
[DAILY NOTION] FOLLOWME x TradingCentral - Dow Jones Drops Further Amid Rising COVID Cases - Oct 28, 2020 #insightsboard# #TradingCentral# #DOW# ...
[DAILY NOTION] FOLLOWME x TradingCentral - Futures Look to Rebound on Data, Stimulus Updates - Oct 28, 2020 #insightsboard# #TradingCentral# ...

[DAILY NOTION] FXSTREET - Will U.S. 3rd Quarter GDP Meet Expectation? - Oct 28, 2020

American economic growth raced ahead in the third quarter after the pandemic lockdown in March and April caused the largest gross domestic product (GDP) drop in history.Expansion is expected to reach an annual rate of 35% last quarter after it collapsed at 31.4% in April, May and June.Pandemic Catas
The price for EUR/USD pair continues to fall as I expected. The impulse for the fall was a strong resistance line, from which the price bounced off in the last week's end. Now the price has broken thr...
For EUR/USD pair, we're staying back as the market's are irrationally in anticipation of U.S. elections next week. For those wanting to speculate in this market, consider these valid trade setups, bu...
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[Where Did You Gold?] Possible Short Or Still Bullish Ahead for Gold at This Level?

Kuala Lumpur 6:30 p.m. (GMT+8) - In the early European market, spot gold prices has been fluctuating around the level of $1,900 per ounce. On the latest gold price movement, Swissquote Bank wrote a brief analysis as follows:Illustration photo of Gold H4 chart from Investing.comIf the gold price

[Where Did You Gold?] Possible Slide of $40 in Gold Price Today

In the early Asian market, spot gold prices has slightly improved to $1,908.60 per ounce. On the latest gold price movement today, wrote a brief analysis as follows:If the gold price fails to break through the imperative resistance level of $1,908.60 per ounce, there is a possibility f

[Golden Scout] Gold Price Went Up, Boosted By U.S. Jitters & Weak Dollar

Illustration photo of Gold from Reuter.Gold price went up on Tuesday morning, boosted by a weak dollar and concern over the potential economic impact from the ever-rising number of COVID-19 cases.There are over 43.4 million COVID-19 cases globally as of October 27, according to Johns Hopkins Univers

[Golden Scout] Gold Futures Slight Rise After U.S. Presidential Debate

Illustration photo of U.S. Presidential Debate from Reuters.Kuala Lumpur 2:05 p.m. (GMT +8), the DAX futures contract in Germany traded 0.3% lower, CAC 40 futures in France climbed 0.1% and the FTSE 100 futures contract in the U.K. rose 0.2%. The final debate betwe

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