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BREAKING: Newly Created Bitcoin Cash Fork, BCHA Under Attack

Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA), the new Bitcoin Cash fork birthed after an upgrade on November 15 is under manipulation. The new token split from the leading protocol Bitcoin Cash (BCH) following a disagreement among developers on whether to include a miner tax or not. Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) b


#EUR/GBP# I see a strong support can bounce to touch the top of the bear channel or breakout. Anywhere, this should touch the top of channel

CADCHF | Perspective for the new week

#CAD/CHF# The impact of Sellers in February 2020 ( Bearish Impulse leg that lasted a month on the weekly chart - appears to be too strong for the Buyers to gain that confidence needed to invest in the CAD. With the present Head and Shoulder look


#AUD/JPY# Hello traders, a like goes a long way so does a follow, so if you agree with this chart please give it a like and if you like to get notified when I publish a new idea give me a follow. Please if you find anything wrong with my idea please leave a comment explaining my mistak

GBP/JPY, D, 22/11/2020, possible long

#GBP/JPY# The market may create a movement to the upside. I am waiting for better entry from 4hr time frame.


#EUR/GBP# 1 Hour time frame. RSI: Higher low.



Incoming short opportunity?

#GBP/USD# I will be looking for short positions next week

USDCAD There is a rise in the far distance

#USD/CAD# Welcome Back. Please support this idea with LIKE if you find it useful. *** As long as it does not break the current support, it will rise to touch the falling trend line and then re-test a little, after which it is expected to break this upward trend. ***

gbp/jpy in una situazione molto chiara a parer mio...

#GBP/JPY# Ci troviamo in una situazione molto chiara a parer mio. Siamo in un trend rialzista di breve periodo, con un rintracciamento su un livello molto importante ( sia a livello D1 che a livello W1). La cosa che un po ci frena è che non vi è stata una reazione chiara e forte a li

us30 retracement trade 11/20 LDN session

#US30# i prepared for 2 possible setups: 1) A buy if ASIAN HIGH is broken and held 2) A sell if the ASIAN LOW/ DAY BEFORE'S LOW was broken and held - I used the m1 to find my entry using m1-m15 order blocks to support my analysis --> along with the entry patterns: QM, ENGLUFINGS, Break

AUD/USD is in a bullish limbo

The AUD/USD pair has spent a second consecutive week in a tight 100 pips’ range, although near its year high at 0.7411. The aussie is in limbo as momentum is nowhere to be found, Valeria Bednarik, Chief Analyst at FXStreet, reports. Key quotes “A tough lockdown was imposed in South Australia, althou

EUR/USD anlaysis: Remains below 1.1890

EUR/USD On Thursday, the EUR/USD currency pair re-tested the psychological level at 1.1890. During today's morning, the pair pierced the support provided by the 55– and 100-hour SMAs near 1.1860. It is likely that some downside potential could prevail in the market in the short term. In this case th

GBP/USD: Kenaikan Tambahan Kemungkinan Besar Di Atas 1,3280 – UOB

Pandangan 24-jam: "Kami menyoroti kemarin bahwa 'kecuali pergerakan di atas 1,3300, GBP kemungkinan akan bergerak lebih rendah menuju 1,3215'. Kami menambahkan, 'support berikutnya ada di 1,3190'. GBP kemudian diperdagangkan dengan cara berombak karena turun ke rendah 1,3198 sebelum melamb

Pull-up Update