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Women in Forex – Kathy Lien: “I’ve become more patient which I guess I can credit to my son”

Inspired by this lady, striving as both a successful trader and a great mum! My dearest female traders, I assure you this story of hers is definitely worth your time to read! Five years ago, when we interviewed Kathy Lien, she was Director of Currency Research at GFT Technologies AG. She is now runn
UK and the EU will resume trade talks. GBP/USD is bullish yet overbought, technically bullish in the near-term, but the direction depending on Brexit headlines. The 4-hour chart shows that it is tradi...
21 Oct
Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD pierces five-week-old resistance line to attack $25.00 D1 Chart :
AUDUSD 做多 触动Daily Support + BE 价格0.7560 TP 340 pip SL 170pip#trading# #FX# #AUD/USD#
20 Oct

Analisis Harga Emas: Garis Pertempuran Dipetakan Dengan Baik Untuk XAU/USD Jelang Tenggat Waktu Stimulus AS – Confluence Detector

Emas (XAU/USD) tetap dalam ketidakpastian, karena berlanjut dengan kisaran permainan sekitar $ 1900. Kurangnya kemajuan dan kejelasan tentang stimulus fiskal AS membuat pembeli XAU tidak termotivasi. Sementara itu, dolar AS menarik tawaran beli di tengah meningkatnya permintaan h
20 Oct

Analisa Harga EUR/USD: Terjebak Di Dalam Saluran Bearish Pada Grafik 15-menit

EUR/USD telah mengukir saluran turun pada grafik 15 menit. Sebuah terobosan kemungkinan akan mempercepat tren naik sebelumnya dari 1,17.Bias terdekat EUR/USD tetap netral, dengan nilai tukar terjebak di saluran bearish pada grafik 15 menit.Pergerakan melalui ujung atas salur
12 Oct

GBP/JPY Close Profit and Start a New Rally !

#GBP/JPY# The pattern wedge has worked well, now price has stopped on fibo 50% level of last trend on daily chart, if price will cross this level, you can trade to next fibo level 61% (138.92).
“I trade my own information and follow my own methods.” Here’s the deal: There are countless trading strategies and methods out there. And you’re probably wondering… “So which is the best one...
2k again? 😳

Revolut Joins up with Fireblocks to Introduce New Crypto Services

Fireblocks offers several different cases for its users, like earning passive income or safeguarding assets. Photo: Revolut Revolut, which bills itself as a ‘digital banking alternative’, has integrated MPC-based wallet and network infrastructure offered by crypto-security firm Fireblocks to enhan
AUD/JPY Price Analysis: On the rise, but bearish trendline still intact Daily Chart
07 Oct
COVID-19 hospitalizations (7d average) still increasing ... fortunately, we haven't seen same levels as midsummer surge. #CoronavirusOutbreak# #USeconomy#

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