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The Georgia election saw a Democrat win prompting protests by Trump supporters in Washington, D.C. How does this affect the market? Get all the latest news, insights, and exclusive analysis here!
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(DAILY NOTION): BTC/USD: The Battle Between the Bulls versus Bears Rage On: Next Movers: U.S. Politics, Earnings Report, Fed December Beige Book

Source: Yahoo Finance After a massive drop to $30, 568.82 at the start of the week, the BTC/USD bulls are fighting hard to move upwards but appear to have lost part of the strength it displayed at the start of the year. At the time of writing, it is at $33,763.83. Analyst Anil Panchal from FX Street

Cổ phiếu Twitter sụt giảm vì động thái khóa tài khoản của Tổng thống Trump

Cổ phiếu Twitter giảm hơn 6% vào thứ 2 (12/1), sau động thái đình chỉ vĩnh viễn tài khoản được theo dõi rộng rãi của Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump đã làm dấy lên lo ngại của các nhà đầu tư về quy định tương lai của mạng xã hội. Công ty truyền thông xã hội có trụ sở tại San Francisco hôm thứ 6 cho
(Yahoo Finance) JPMorgan, Citi, Goldman and Other Companies Halt Political Donations Following Capitol Riots.- Jan 12, 2021. #GoldmanSachs##UScapitolriots#...

Talk of the Week: What Are This Week's Hottest Topics?

Hey traders, we hope you had a great week! This week, these were some of the hot topics raised by FOLLOWME's users in line with the market sentiment, let’s see if you are on the same page: #trumpsupportersprotest#- On January 6, 2021, President Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capi

Where Did You Gold? - Gold Prices Affected by DC Riots

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from fxempire.com Trump supporters stormed the nation’s capital after the Democrat Party’s win in the Georgia election causing chaos and crisis. The supporters were encouraged to march to Capitol Hill where armed protesters are currently occupying both Congr

Investors look on U.S. Capitol breach with 'muted reaction,' worry if escalates

NEW YORK, Jan 6 (Reuters) - Scenes of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump storming the Capitol building to undo Trump’s election loss shocked the world on Wednesday, but most investors viewed the unrest as a short-term event that was unlikely to have a lasting impact on asset prices. Money man

USD/JPY: Seesaws near 103.00 even as risks recover after Capitol Hill drama

USD/JPY struggles to keep Wednesday’s bounce off March 2020 levels. US officials declared Capitol building as secured, policymakers are determined over Electoral College vote. Virus woes, updates on national emergency awaited but US politics remain the key. USD/JPY takes rounds to 103.00 as markets


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