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January 25, Daily Stock Market Recap With Me. #NASDAQ##S&P500##DowJones#
(RECAP) DAILY NOTION - FOLLOWME x TradingCentral - Futures See Gains as the US Has New President. - Jan 21, 2021 #Bideninauguration##USeconomy##S&P500#...

US stocks soar after the strong bank and Netflix earnings

US stocks rallied yesterday after strong earnings from leading American companies. The Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 rose by 0.40%,1.8%, and 0.8%, respectively. Goldman Sachs reported net earnings of more than $4.5 billion, helped by its trading division. Total revenue increased by 17% to $17 b

Dow and S&P 500 end 2020 at record highs

New York (CNN Business)The Dow and the S&P 500 started and ended this unprecedented year at all-time highs — with a lot of volatility along the way. All three major indexes ended Thursday, the final trading day of the year, higher. The Dow (INDU) closed 0.7%, or 197 points, higher, and the broad

US Weaker Jobs Data & Stock Indices

S&P index and Dow lead the way higher The US major indices are shrugging off the weaker jobs data. The major indices are opening modestly higher: S&P index up 12.28 points or 0.33% of 3678.55 NASDAQ index up 9.5 points or 0.08% at 1387.60 Dow up 80 points or 0.27% of 30049 In other markets,

Dow mất đà khi cổ phiếu công nghệ giảm trước các biện pháp kích thích của Biden

Chỉ số Dow đóng cửa thấp hơn sau khi tăng lên mức cao nhất trong ngày thứ Năm do cổ phiếu công nghệ giảm, bù đắp cho mức tăng của cổ phiếu giá trị, trước kỳ vọng rằng Tổng thống đắc cử Joe Biden sẽ công bố gói tài chính hơn 1 nghìn tỷ USD để thúc đẩy nền kinh tế. Chỉ số công nghiệp Dow Jones giảm 0,
January 13th, Daily Stock Market Recap with me. #technicalanalysis##StockMarket##DowJones#

Softer US dollar and yields keep markets in a holding pattern

US markets finished a fairly quiet session slightly higher yesterday, with most attention on events in Washington and the attempts to impeach President Trump, which, whether they are successful or not are unlikely to have that much effect in which way markets move next. The main focus remains on the
January 12th, Daily Stock Market Recap with me. #technicalanalysis##StockMarket##DowJones##S&P500#

DJI 30 close to full uptrend continuation despite wedge

Dow Jones Index (US 30) is in a strong uptrend. Although price action has recently become quite slow and choppy. A rising wedge pattern is visible as well. Will the bulls be able to push through resistance to keep the uptrend alive? A bullish breakout could trigger strong momentum to the upside, bec

Phố Wall trượt khỏi đỉnh lịch sử, Dow Jones có lúc mất hơn 200 điểm

Kết thúc phiên 9/1, chứng khoán Mỹ đồng loạt giảm điểm khi nhà đầu tư cân nhắc lại về mức định giá và triển vọng của gói kích thích bổ sung, cùng tình trạng bất ổn chính trị đang diễn ra. Chỉ số trung bình công nghiệp Dow Jones giảm 89,28 điểm, tương đương 0,3%, để kết thúc ngày ở mức 31.008,69 điểm

Risk assets being favoured as betting on economic recovery continues

Investors are showing signs of increasing exuberance, reflecting optimism about a vaccine-fuelled global recovery and the changed economics of the post-coronavirus world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.6% for the first week of 2021, marking its fourth-straight weekly gain despite a mob stor
(RECAP) DAILY NOTION - FOLLOWME x TradingCentral - Futures Point to Strong Start. - Jan 7, 2021#S&P500##NASDAQ##DowJones##TradingCentral#
(Yahoo Finance) Dow Jones and Russell 2000 Hit Record Highs. - Jan 7, 2021.#DowJones##stockmarketrally##NASDAQ##TrumpStimulusPackage#...


制造业反弹继续 昨日发布的最新美国经济数据显示,尽管12月份COVID大流行明显增加,但经济仍存在一些亮点。 12月份ISM制造业指数升至2年半高点60.7。 这标志着较上个月的57.5强劲增长,并且强劲地超过了市场所寻找的56.6。 自2020年第一季度COVID大流行高峰期间创下历史新低以来,工厂行业一直处于稳定且令人鼓舞的上升轨迹。这一最新增长有助于缓解人们对该病毒可能通过公司倒闭和员工旷工影响制造业的担忧。 感染率上升。 更令人鼓舞的是,该数据呼应了英国,欧元区和中国的类似涨幅。 供应商问题引起关注 但是,有一些不太实际的方面需要注意。 从数据细分来看,增长主要是由供应商交货部分的大幅

Pull-up Update

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