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Gold returned to $1980 once; however, due to the continued upward trend of gold and news about the vaccine, gold felt stressed and jumped to $1910. As for the volatile market this week, will gold meet resistance or reach $2000? How would you trade facing the current gold market?
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SCOPE MARKETS【限时活动】丨2021赠金转现活动重磅升级 高达36,000美元现金等你领

2021赠金转现活动重磅升级 高达36,000美元现金等你领! Scope Markets斯科普2021牛转钱坤“赠金转现”活动一经推出就获得投资者的热烈追捧,截至目前已送出高达百万美元的客户赠金。 面对投资者空前高涨的参与热情,为了最大限度的满足客户要求,回馈广大投资者长期支持和厚爱,2021牛年Scope Markets斯科普 “赠金转现”活动重磅升级,最高现金额度翻了一倍,增加到36,000美元。客户入金即享12%赠金,累计高达24,000美元赠金送给你。首次开户交易还可享受入$100赠$100优惠! 即日起至1月31日活动期间入金交易即可享受12%赠

[Where Did You Gold?] Short Term Gold Price Rose to 1910, Will It Continue?

FX168 (Hong Kong) - In the European market on Friday (October 16), the U.S. dollar fell slightly from its high. Spot gold took the opportunity to rebound and approached the 1910 mark. Silver rose further above 24$, and crude oil prices were slightly under pressure.Regarding the price trends of gold,
GOLD: The Road to $10,000 - When and How? #XAU/USD##CrazyGold#
January 7th, Daily Stock Market Recap with me. #CrazyGold##StockMarket##technicalanalysis#

Where Did You Gold? - Gold May Continue Its Bearish Movement

Source: cryptovibes Further increase in the bulls’ momentum may push the price to penetrate the $1,901 level, then, the resistance levels of $1,966 and $2,014 may be reached. In case the $1,901 level holds, the price may continue its bearish movement to the support levels at $1,789, $1,741, and $1,6
(BLOOMBERG) Billionaire Mike Novogratz: Gold and Bitcoin Are Going to Rising Further. - Jan 7, 2021.#bitcoinsurge##BTC/USD##cryptocurrency#...
Wells Fargo Expressed Their Positive Sentiment Towards Gold, So Why Did They Lower Their 2021 Forecast? #marketoutlook2021##Goldboom##CrazyGold#

Golden Scout - Trump Signs Pandemic Aid and Spending Bill, Averting Government Shutdown

Source: Investing.com U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday signed into law a $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package, restoring unemployment benefits to millions of Americans and averting a federal government shutdown in a crisis of his own making. Trump, who leaves office on Jan. 20 after
Morning guys, enjoy your breakfast today. Happy trading, Pelosi just admits that the Stimulus will be stalemate before the US Election😏
Sit down buyers😂
Aha! Gotcha! As my prediction yesterday 😘
I am a seller yesterday, but a buyer today😜
Gold is gold, it can surprise traders from beginning to end. Once it can stay above 1906 this week, still bull. If not all the way down.
hahaha yesterday was crazy, how were you yesterday?😝

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