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A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.
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Argo Blockchain Installs 4,500 Crypto Mining Machines From Celsius Network

Photo: Coindesk Argo Blockchain said it installed 4,500 cryptocurrency mining machines from Celsius Network. U.K.-listed Argo Blockchain (LON: ARB) said it has installed 4,500 cryptocurrency mining machines from Celsius Network. Announced in a news release by the London Stock Exchange Friday, the cr

Robinhood Average Monthly Crypto Sign-ups Jump to 3 million Amid GameStop Saga

Photo: Coindesk The platform says it has experienced a 1,400% increase in the average monthly user sign-ups this year compared to the previous year. Online brokerage platform Robinhood has experienced a flood of cryptocurrency user sign-ups since the new year began. In each of the first two months o
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Three Key Factors That Propelled Ethereum to $2,000 For The First Time Ever

Photo: Coin Telegraph (Coin Telegraph) - The price of Ethereum is surging past $2,000 with strong momentum while gaining a bit of ground on Bitcoin in the last 24 hours. There are three key reasons behind the explosive rally of Ether, namely the rapid growth of DeFi, the hype around ETH after

Square Doubles Down on Bitcoin, Investing Another $170 Million

Photo: Coin Telegraph (Coin Telegraph) - Financial services outfit Square just announced it has picked up more Bitcoin. Square “has purchased approximately 3,318 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $170 million,” the company said in a public statement on Tuesday, adding: "Combined with S
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China's CBDC is about domestic dominance, not beating the dollar

Photo: Cointelegraph The notion of China racing to launch a CBDC that will end U.S. monetary supremacy doesn't hold up if you look at the facts on the ground. For the past several years, the trade war between China and the U.S. has been at the center of international relations, with technology playi

FATF updates guidance on crypto service providers.

Photo: Cointelegraph The Financial Action Task Force is looking to adapt its guidance standards for stablecoins and crypto peer-to-peer transactions. The Financial Action Task Force says it is set to publish an update to its guidelines on cryptocurrencies and virtual asset service providers; a catch

Belarusian government explores potential to move into crypto mining

Photo: Cointelegraph The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus has launched an investigation into the potential pros and cons of crypto mining. The Belarus state is studying the cryptocurrency industry for a potential move into mining digital coins like Bitcoin (BTC). The Ministry of Energy

Crypto derivatives exchange FTX launches futures on 2021 Olympics

Photo: Leaprate Will they or won't they happen? Amid debates over how safe the Olympic games can be in 2021, cryptocurrency traders can now bet on the likelihood of their eventual go-head. Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX has created a new, specialized futures contract for traders to bet on t

US Lawmakers to Examine Crypto's Role in Domestic Terrorism Funding

Photo: Coindesk Witnesses will likely suggest giving FinCEN better tools to watch for illicit financing tools. Members of Congress will discuss whether and how cryptocurrencies and decentralized systems may be used to fund domestic terrorism on Thursday. The House Financial Services Committee Subcom
Stocks remain deep in the red this Thursday afternoon as rising bond yields continue to worry investors.

Thai SEC consults public on crypto investor income rules

Photo: Cointelegraph Thai investors who do not qualify for crypto trading under proposed SEC rules would still be able to invest through licensed fund managers. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has launched a public consultation on proposed cryptocurrency investor qualification rul

Coinbase public listing filing details 2020 revenue, major a16z stake

Photo: Cointelegraph The company has benefited a lot from the 2020 market but had lost money in 2019. As Coinbase plans to pursue a direct listing on the stock market, which would see its existing shares be traded on United States stock exchanges, the exchange has submitted an S-1 report to the Secu

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