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3-Year Strength Scores led by Mexican Peso & British Pound COT Strength Scores (a normalized measure of Speculator positions over a 3-Year range, from 0 to 100 where above 80 is Extreme-Bullish and below 20 is Extreme-Bearish) showed that the Mexican Peso (100 percent) and the British Pound (82 percent) lead the currency markets this week. Bitcoin (69 percent) comes in as the next highest in the weekly strength scores. On the downside, the Swiss Franc (0 percent), the Japanese Yen (0 percent), the US Dollar Index (1 percent), the Australian Dollar (4 percent) and the Canadian Dollar (16 percent) come in at the lowest strength levels currently and are all in Extreme-Bearish territory (below 20 percent). Strength Statistics: US Dollar Index (0.9 percent) vs US Dollar Index previous week (3.5 percent) EuroFX (27.5 percent) vs EuroFX previous week (33.6 percent) British Pound Sterling (82.1 percent) vs British Pound Sterling previous week (76.6 percent) Japanese Yen (0.0 percent) vs Japanese Yen previous week (11.5 percent) Swiss Franc (0.0 percent) vs Swiss Franc previous week (1.1 percent) Canadian Dollar (16.1 percent) vs Canadian Dollar previous week (16.9 percent) Australian Dollar (4.4 percent) vs Australian Dollar previous week (1.9 percent) New Zealand Dollar (39.0 percent) vs New Zealand Dollar previous week (43.3 percent) Mexican Peso (100.0 percent) vs Mexican Peso previous week (99.2 percent) Brazilian Real (30.3 percent) vs Brazilian Real previous week (45.8 percent) Bitcoin (68.8 percent) vs Bitcoin previous week (50.2 percent)

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