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#XAUUSD Morning everyone 🌞🌞 as you can see my D1 timeframe chart, yesterday was bearish so hard. It dropped down and stopped right at the lower trend line. It’s now going up but there is nothing sure, we all don’t know if it continues dropping. However, I can make sure 1 thing, if this trend line of D1 is broken, Gold will go straight down to the bottom – 1735, 1712 or even more. In H1 chart, Gold now is on the way up, the highest for this will be 1781-1783. Then we gonna have 2 scenarios for Gold today: +1st (green arrow): 1765 was the bottom of Gold in short term, from now on, it will go back up to the upper trend line of D1 (pinky line). 1784, 1795 will be the targets for this in short term. We can sell a little bit whenever it faces these zones. +2nd: (red arrow): the upper trend line of H1 (yellow line) will be the top for Gold today. After facing this line, it drops back to the lower yellow trend line and move as I drew in my chart. Don’t place any order at the moment, cause it’s quite dangerous. Let’s wait until it reaches the trend line, then we will make decision.  Please DON'T BE FOMO ! 🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️ Good luck guys ! Have a great trading day ahead. Jolie Do: Forex Trading Specialist/ Relationship Manager at ForexCEC - DNBC Global Markets. ForexCEC - DNBCグローバルマーケットの外国為替取引スペシャリスト/顧客関係マネージャー Message me to discuss more. ❤️ #forex #trading #外国為替取引 #金融投資 #フォレックス #forexcec #dnbcglobalmarkets #视频打卡 #悬赏问答 #错过的交易真谛 #晒单专区 #记录你的交易

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