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First of all, thank you everyone for caring about me. Please read this article carefully to get the best copy method!  ABOUT INVESTMENT STRATEGY. With 10 years of trading experience, I made balance between profit and risk. I’m using EA to trade 3 forex pairs, which are Gbp/Usd, Gbp/Aud, Gbp/Cad. The target profit is 10-20%/month. I’m trading using DCA method (size of lots will increasing), usually orders with large lots will bring high profits, so please set copy according to capital ratio, do not set fixed lots. With capital size is 5,000 usd, trading from 0.01 lot. You should balance between your capital and desired profit to set the appropriate copy rate. Always monitor your account and proactively cut losses accordingly in the worst case scenario. Because the time and rate of each subscribers is different, so I cannot make a balance for any individual. Please be proactive and responsible for your own investment decisions and always remember that "high risk high return". The most important thing in investing is capital management. Whether profit or loss, if it’s still in the plan, we have all succeeded. ABOUT TRADING ACCOUNTS. Please use ECN account to maximize your profits. Remember to choose reputable Forex brokers to be safe. (STP or ECN broker, with FCA license) If you want to have the fastest order execution for the best profit, please choose the same KVB PRIME broker that I am trading with. This is an FCA licensed STP broker, the highest rated by FollowMe. You can open an ECN account with the lowest fee of KVB PRIME here: I wish you a lot of profit with me and all the best things in life!

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Professional. Thank bro!