Indices, commodities and yen strong ahead of the Fed's rate hike [Video]

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In today’s Traders Edge Market Briefing, Tomasz found these unique setups that we thought you’d find interesting.

Gold continues the bounce off the 1680 USD/oz.

Brent Oil finished the right shoulder of the iH&S pattern but the down trendline may be an obstacle to a further rise.

USDCAD stays inside of the wedge after bouncing of the 38,2% Fibonacci. Chances for a further drop are increasing.

EURUSD is testing the lower line of the most recent rectangle. 1.012 serves so far as a good support.

USDJPY climbs higher in a wedge pattern, so the bigger drop is still possible.

GBPAUD tests the lower line of the symmetric triangle as a resistance. A bounce will be a needed confirmation of a sell signal.

DAX bounces off an important support on the 38,2% Fibonacci and continues the sideways movement inside of the flag.

Nasdaq bounces off 12180 points, which should be considered as a very positive factor.

SP500 is doing the same on the 3910 points.

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